When debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.


<a href=”mailto:fergusonj@knoxfocus.com”>By Dr. Jim Ferguson </a>


It happens every quadrennial October just before the Presidential election, so why should we be surprised that history repeats itself? This time it’s not some tape of male locker room braggadocio, a decade old DWI report, an eleventh-hour Vietnam peace deal or a hostage release in Iran. This year there are multiple October surprises: the politicized Chinese pandemic; the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the president stricken with COVID-19.

However, if you watch CNN or MSNBC or read the NYT or Washington Post you may not have heard of the latest “bombshell” – I’m so sick of that term. Just released documents revealed that Obama and Biden knew their Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, paid for the infamous and fabricated Steele dossier and used it to deflect investigation on herself. Then the CIA and the FBI obtained illegal FISA Court warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and to promote the Russian collusion scam. Obama/Biden were part of the soft coup d’état to remove the duly elected President Trump from office. If they had succeeded, none of this would have been discovered, and the votes of millions of Americans would have been negated.

Someday, our new Civil War will be over, but God told the ancient prophet Micah that justice has to occur before mercy can be extended (Micah 6:8); only then can the war end.

If Biden wins America will be irrevocably changed. The Democrat agenda is abortion without limits, defunding the police, open borders instead of legal immigration, sanctuary cities, eliminating ICE, higher taxes, green new deal, reparations, socialized medicine and gutting the Second Amendment. But there’s more. Democrats plan to pack the Supreme Court, eliminate the filibuster which gives the minority party some say and they plan to make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states, affording the Democrats four more Senators. These changes will effectively eliminate the two-party system. We may still have elections, but Democrats will never lose power. And, they are working to eliminate the Electoral College which gives smaller states like Tennessee a say in Presidential elections. Without the Electoral College, the most populous states like California, New York, Florida and Texas will elect the president.

Becky and I are Southerners, and though Tennessee is not in the Deep South, the people in our area retain an ambience and grace not present in someone from, say, New York City. Of course, this is a generalization, but I say so to make a point that many have observed. The Fergusons are native Knoxvillians and, though Becky possesses more grace than me, a southern ambience carries over into most of my social interactions. I recently spoke on the phone with a so-called Yankee. He was professional, terse, to the point and lacked any conversational southern grace. I’ve experienced similar curtness on the streets of New York City.

Becky makes people feel loved on the phone, whereas I’m more “businesslike” when I receive calls from the hospital at two o’clock in the morning. She has chided me for my lack of warmth in the middle of the night. I listen and vow to be kinder, but I reserve social graces for the daylight hours. I’ve witnessed hers for forty-five years and they are 24/7.

Aside from all the disgusting political verbiage of the election season, the major criticism of Trump is not his policies or record, but his rhetoric. People say, “If he’d only button his lip and curb his tweets.” He is from Queens, you know. What should we expect from a New Yorker who has been maliciously attacked, along with his family, for four and a half years?

I’m not excusing the president, but the choice is between the brash New Yorker who counter punches and the impaired career politician. The choice is between someone who loves America and someone who sides with those who hate America. The choice is between a leader who takes personal risks being out with the people or someone who cowers in his basement governed by his puppeteers. The choice is between law and order or revolutionary radicalism. The choice is between someone who believes life has risks or someone who says there must be no risk.

As a doctor I’m trained to recognize those signs and symptoms which are just aggravations and part of life, and issues which are of concern and may portend more serious problems. However, most of us know when something isn’t right. When I was a boy, we had a beautiful Persian cat that “wasn’t right.” This cat would sit in mud puddles after a rain storm and birds would swoop to torment the poor creature. Perhaps the cat was demented or insane. We tolerated, loved and fed poor Marilyn, named by my mother after Marilyn Monroe, who was also disturbed.

What can be done with millions of Americans who have been driven insane by their hatred of Donald Trump? The insanity was on full display recently as the insane wished Trump would die from COVID-19 and said he was receiving what he deserved for not wearing a mask. Actually, unless you are wearing an N95 mask (and not the ones made in China), masks in general protect others from you, but offer you virtually NO protection. There are exceptions to every rule and wearing a mask might protect you from one of the insane who attack the mask less. Sometimes it seems we are living in the era of insanity, recently described as the era of “mask inquisitions” and “Covid theology.”

I don’t have an answer to the question posed in the last paragraph. The insane have promised violence if Trump is reelected. But, the shock troops of the “woke” Democrat party are already bombing, burning, looting and murdering just like Robespiere and the Jacobins of the French Revolution. Perhaps Amazon will start selling them guillotines on the Internet.

We cannot tolerate the insane in control of our government. Just today I learned that Pelosi is threatening Trump with the 25th Amendment, again. With all our troubles, this is what the Democrats choose to focus upon? This is insanity and sane people can recognize people and policies that “just ain’t right.”