By Rosie Moore

A few weeks ago I wrote about my favorite TV shows on Me-TV from the sixties and seventies. My granddaughter asked me, “But, Nana, don’t you like any of the programs that are on today?” Yes, indeed, I do. And here they are.

My very favorite, The Good Wife is going off the air, which I write with tears in my  eyes. What a program! I can’t imagine where the writers get their ideas for criminal cases, lawyer’s influx that surpass one’s imagination, with  some interludes of love and sex. Nicely done, of course. The only fault I find with this show is when they took Josh Charles off by killing him. Perhaps they will produce The Good Husband??

Blue Bloods–another favorite, where Tom Selleck, the commissioner of the New York police force, positively does his job faultlessly with the help of his daughter and two sons. He rarely makes a mistake in his endeavor of doing his job.

Madam Secretary is another program full of intrigue and it goes out of the country many times to fulfill U.S.A’s ambition to help others. Tea Leoni does her job well and could show some of our ambassadors what’s what.

Mom is a sitcom consisting of a group of ladies who are embattling addiction–be it drugs or alcohol, they each have their own powerful ways of getting through one day at a time. They all do it differently but with the same outlook–faith. The mother and daughter participation is hilarious.

There are other good shows but these are the main ones to me, I think, because they  are family oriented. I don’t have any movie channels except what’s on basic cable, because they show the same movies over and over. My day wouldn’t be complete without my proverbial favorites, The Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy. And if you want to spend a joyful, fun-filled hour, watch The Little Big Shots.  As far as sport channels are concerned, after football is over, there’s always the Tennis Channel. Great!

Thought for the day: Don’t let other people tell you what you want. Pat Riley, coach and player of NBA

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