By Ralphine Major

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”  Jeremiah 1:5 (NAS)

For several weeks, the news has rocked our nation.  As I have listened to doctors, lawyers, politicians, ministers, and abortion survivors, I am saddened and shocked that our great nation has reached this point in our history.  Killing babies after they are born!  Is this America?

In so many impoverished countries around the world, babies are dying from malnutrition and disease.  But in America—the land of plenty—discussions are being held by our leaders about allowing a baby to die after birth.  Is this America?  Do we not protect the most innocent and helpless among our people?  As mentioned in a column I wrote several years ago entitled “The Art of Motherhood,” I am reminded of so many couples we know who have traveled across the sea to foreign countries to adopt a baby.  It is heartless that America even entertains the thought of killing them after they are born.  Is America’s moral compass broken?

One of my favorite photos is of the newborn Morgan baby.  Perhaps, it is because I know how much the parents wanted this child and how many they had lost before she was born.  When I look at her tiny body, I see hope, a miracle, and all that is good in America.  I look at her tiny face and wonder about the life ahead of her.  I wonder what will she look like?  What kind of personality will she have?  What will she become when she grows up?  I wonder . . .