Israel is its own ‘closest’ ally

By Dr. Harold A. Black


Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of Israel. I have not forgiven them for the bombing of the US Liberty and never will. The Israelis and their sycophants worldwide proselytize, cajole, bribe, manipulate, and influence politicians and the media. It is therefore interesting that the media has turned on Israel and are sympathetic to the pro-Hamas antisemitic crowd. It is always said that the United States is Israel’s closest ally. That may be true but it is clear that Israel does not return the favor. Israel is primarily focused on its own survival – a fact that I completely understand. Everything is predicated by that fact. I am not opposed to arms sales to Israel but I am opposed to giving them grants when they are perfectly capable of paying for the armaments. I am not opposed to their extermination of Hamas – or Hezbollah – given the threat to the survival of the country. I do not know enough about how to conduct war, much less urban warfare, to be critical of their tactics in Gaza. However, the mere fact that Israel was totally unprepared for the events of October 7 is a real puzzle. The Israelis have strict gun control laws. One would have expected that every household near their borders would have been heavily armed. One would have thought that Israel’s border defenses would be stout and vigilant. One would have thought that there would have been a military presence at the music festival that was ravished by the Hamas raiders. Yet none of that is true. It is as though the Israelis were inviting an attack by Hamas to give them an excuse for going into Gaza to eradicate the threat. However, the counter to that is why would the citizens living near the border not insist on security 24/7? I have no answers.

Now Israel is poised to go into Rafah despite the warnings from Biden who looks weak by trying to placate both sides. But Israel must go into Rafah or else it would have lost the war, leaving intact the threat of Hamas. Although Hamas cannot be eradicated it can be reduced from a fighting force to a bunch of single suicide bombers. That is Israel’s goal. Some have said that if Israel attacks Rafah it will become a pariah nation. Whoopie. It would then join Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Sudan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Myanmar and more than a few others with that label.

Israel will only negotiate with Hamas and agree to a cease fire only if it is in Israel’s interests. To have a cease fire without the return of all the hostages would result in the removal of Netanyahu so that is off the table. I think that the reason Hamas has not agreed to release the hostages is that most of them have been killed. If that is fact true, then all that has transpired will look like child’s play. I think that the gloves will come completely off and Israel will stop trying to somewhat placate its critics in minimizing civilian casualties. Some Israeli apologists have pointed out that the civilian-to-terrorist ratio is low compared to other conflicts. But how does anyone know given that the civilian casualty statistics come from Hamas?

I have little doubt that Israel will be able to degrade Hamas as an effective military and political force because the Israelis do not coddle the opinions of others. They will ignore Biden, the student protestors, the rising antisemitism in the Western world. They will do what they think is best. Isn’t it interesting is that the Arab world seems to be sitting idly by and not coming to the aid of Hamas? Even Hamas’ main patron Iran is doing nothing visible. Iran’s response to the Israeli assignation of its generals was feeble and impotent at best. Jordan partnered with Israel and the US in thwarting the Iranian missile attack. Egypt has continued to strengthen its border at Rafah to keep the Palestinians out. No Arab country has offered the Palestinians asylum – except of course the stupid Biden Administration. Obviously the Arabs have no love for Hamas and the Palestinians. It appears that their only support manifests itself in our leftist “progressive” politicians, Muslim communities and the impotent protests of a small group of naïve, spoiled, privileged children on college campuses.