Issues Are More Important Than The Candidates


By John J. Duncan Jr.


If I had been voting in either of the Republican Primaries for U.S. Senate in Georgia or Pennsylvania this year, I would not have voted for Herschel Walker or Dr. Oz.

In Pennsylvania, the second-place finisher was David McCormick, a West Point graduate, veteran and very successful businessman.

In Georgia, second place went to Gary Black who was in his third term as the state Secretary of Agriculture, was named Georgian of the Year by Georgia Trend Magazine in 2017, and was a former president of the University of Georgia Alumni Association.

Because of the economy and Biden’s unpopularity, both of these second-place finishers in all probability would have won sizable victories.

By nominating Walker and Dr. Oz, it gave the Democrats a fighting chance to win one or both of these seats.

But the issues are bigger and much more important than the candidates, and as weak as these Republican nominees are, the two Democratic candidates are far worse.

The Democratic Senate nominees are both far-left extremists who will be rubber stamps for the Biden tax and spend, inflationary policies.

Almost everyone who reads this column is almost certain to be very interested in politics and government.

I sometimes have heard people say one person can’t make a difference, but that is so false. Each of you is more politically powerful than you perhaps realize.

I read several years ago in one of the Capitol Hill newspapers that only 2.2 percent of the American people have ever contributed financially to a political campaign. Probably it is not much more than that who have not contributed money but who have worked in a campaign.

There is more interest in campaigns today but less involvement. There really are only about five percent who are politically active. All the others are watching over a screen, on their TVs, iPads, or smartphones.

Thus, if you are one of the five percent, you should feel good about yourself and also realize that you have political influence. And even the biggest campaigns are run by a very small number of people.

While the elections for governor and Congress in Tennessee are not going to be close or even competitive at all, people can contribute to candidates in close races in other states.

Everyone has friends or relatives in Georgia, Pennsylvania, or other states where there are very close elections.

The elections this year and in 2024 may be the most important ever. Many other countries have been destroyed economically by letting inflation get out of control.

If we don’t elect conservative candidates this year and especially in the presidential year of 2024, this country could go under economically.

The only thing that has saved us thus far is that almost all other countries are worse off financially than we are so people still want to invest here.

You need to call, write, or email people you know in other states where very close elections are going on, or contribute financially.

The Democrat Party today is controlled by radical environmentalists, big government socialists, and soft-on-crime leftists.

The environmentalists want gas prices to go much higher so people will drive less. They hate that so many are driving trucks and SUVs, and they don’t want people living in big houses with big yards.

The socialist Democrats in Congress will keep spending no matter how high inflation goes.

The far-left wants no-bail programs, district attorneys who won’t prosecute many criminals, and liberal judges who won’t hand down tough sentences.

Many young people are being brainwashed by leftist professors. People need to stop contributing to universities that won’t hire at least a few conservative professors.

People have been rapidly moving out of Democrat-run cities and states because of high taxes and high crime rates.

People everywhere, young and old, need to be told that unless they want inflation, gas prices, crime, and taxes to go much higher, they need to vote Republican now and especially in 2024.

We are at a watershed moment in this great country.