By Ralphine Major

Many called it God’s gift during COVID-19.  White Christmases are rare in East Tennessee.  I can only recall two or three of them.  On Christmas Eve, as predicted, the rain turned to snowflakes.  Quickly, huge snowflakes came pouring down!  Meteorologists cautioned everyone to stay home unless an emergency required them to go somewhere.  As darkness fell, quiet beauty settled all across the barren landscape.

As the winter wonderland ushered in the long-awaited holiday, thoughts turned to those who were suffering from COVID, families who have lost loved ones to the dreaded illness, and families whose Christmas celebrations were disrupted due to the virus.

By daybreak, earth’s canvas was blanketed in white.  The sight was spectacular!  Tree limbs looked like lacy fingers clad in white.  Images of the white Christmas were waiting to be captured in pictures to be enjoyed now and in years to come.

May the spirit of this special Christmas season live in your heart all through the new year, and may the memory of a “white Christmas” at the end of a challenging year bring you lasting joy and renewed hope.

Words of Faith: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Genesis 1:1 (NIV).