By Ralphine Major

As we each worked to make the most of our “wait” time, the gentleman sitting beside me commented on our different backgrounds. He was a psychologist, the lady across from us was a teacher, and I was a writer. The psychologist went on to tell about the various livelihoods of people he had met each time he had been there. At that moment, we all had one thing in common. We were sitting in Jerry’s waiting room while our vehicles were being repaired.

The wait was never boring! While work was happening in the garage, there was plenty of action in the waiting room. The numerous Shriners’ plaques covering the walls spoke volumes about Jerry. It was his main charity. Jerry could multitask better than anyone I had ever seen. He could oversee a ten-bay garage, answer the phone, order repair parts, write up service tickets, and handle walk-in customers without missing a beat.  But, that was not all he did. Jerry would often find a seat in the waiting room and talk about cooking and recipes as well as any chef!

Anyone who talked to Jerry very long learned about his love of fishing, a hobby that occupied many of his days off from work. Sometimes, Jerry would talk about his family and his dogs. Over twenty plus years, we learned much about the man who would come out to the parking lot and check on a noise or headlight at no charge or tell you if a repair needed to be scheduled.

Last year, Jerry told me that I could write about him when he retired. Sadly, Jerry Scott passed away suddenly in early June. The Fountain City Auto Clinic owner and operator had been part of the area’s business community for more than 48 years! His family is continuing on with the business for the customers of Fountain City. Jerry was a good friend to so many of us; and that is priceless! Jerry Scott was a very special person, and he will be greatly missed.