By Dr. Harold A. Black

President Biden is preaching unity out of one side of his mouth while out of the other side he and his party are driving wedges between the democrats and the Americans who did not vote for him. If Biden were Pinocchio, his nose would be ever growing.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives have voted to strip the committee assignments from the controversial representative from Georgia Marjorie Taylor Greene. I did not know that one party could dictate the committee assignments of the other party.

The only thing accomplished by such a move is to make a celebrity out of Rep. Greene and alienate not just her supporters but many republicans who don’t even share her views.

On the other hand, Democratic representatives who are openly anti-Semitic such as Rep. Omar (D-MN) and Tlaib (D-MI) have not been disciplined by their party even though many of its leaders are Jewish.

The Democrats have also sought to purge all Trump appointees to government advisory committees. The Pentagon has 42 such committees and the new secretary of defense as a first order of business ordered the resignation of all committee members. Please understand that these boards are nonpartisan and members are not compensated.

One would surmise that in the Biden administration they will no longer be nonpartisan. Certainly this does not engender “unity”.

Biden also asked for the resignation of the heads of the government’s global media agency which includes the Voice of America and is seeking to remove all Trump appointees from all levels of the federal government.

The National Guard troops sent to Washington due to the hysterical Democratic reaction to the disturbance at the capitol were vetted by the FBI. The vetting took place because Nancy Pelosi and her ilk were fearful of an insider attack from service members who had voted for Trump.

I am ashamed that one of the vocal leaders was Tennessee congressman Steve Cohen who insinuated that there might even be an assignation attempt on Biden by Trump-voting guardsmen.

Biden did nothing to dissuade such thinking. This type of action should have been deeply offensive to most Americans and was anything but a plea for unity.

Biden has also called for the military to purge the military of white supremacists. Certainly, that should be the continuing goal of any administration but in this case “white supremacists” is code for “Trump supporters.”

I am particularly troubled by Nancy Pelosi referring to Republican members of Congress as “the enemy within” and the secretary of defense saying, “The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies. But we can’t do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.”

Does this sound like unity to anyone? Certainly not to me. Rather it is a threat to our liberties and rights. It is clear that even though Biden preaches unity, he really doesn’t mean it. When he touts diversity he means diversity in how one looks rather than in how one thinks.

The ongoing purge is part of the typical excesses that occur when the left is in power and in more times than not leads to their being ousted having alienated a large portion of the voting populace with their heavy handed actions.

The Democrats don’t seem to care what impact their actions have on those who do not favor muzzling dissenting voices, open borders, abortion on demand, transgender athletes, open bathrooms, application of critical race theory, climate as a religion, equity rather than equality, embracing the notion of systemic racism and dissing the founding fathers and the Constitution.

The voters at the margin have flipped from George Bush to Barack Obama to Donald Trump and now to Joe Biden. Although a lot of damage can be done in four years, I’ll take a bet that if the Democrats continue to overplay their hand they will lose their congressional majority in 2022 and the presidency in 2024.