By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Is it finally over? After all, it’s the end of 2016 and the end of a grueling political season. The media said it was over even before election night, and at least until nine o’clock on November 8th when actual votes were reported. Then, as the night wore on and one “that will live in infamy” for liberal-progressive Democrats, it became a rout. The Trump train ran over the alphabet media and liberals everywhere, from the left coast to the east coast, from the UN to Europe and beyond.

However, it wasn’t over on November 8th. When Hillary Clinton didn’t win the Presidency, shell shocked liberals began to conjure up explanations for Hillary’s defeat. First, it was the Russians who hacked Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta’s and the Democrat National Party’s computer systems. Vladimir Putin and WikiLeaks’, Julian Assange have repeatedly denied this. But, why should anyone be surprised that ex KGB agent Putin would try to hack American information systems? In fact, cyber warfare is now referred to as “grey war” rather than the cold war of the past or hot warfare with flying bullets. Actually, Obama was warned of ongoing political cyber attacks in September 2015 and did nothing.

Democrat leaders seem to be more outraged by the attacks rather than what was revealed in the clandestine emails. Someone needs to tell them, “It’s [not] the economy, stupid,” it’s the content! The hacking was unable to penetrate the Republican system, yet revealed Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty and malfeasance, and her campaign’s collusion with the DNC to marginalize Bernie Sander’s campaign. DNC chairman and CNN employee, Donna Brazile was even discovered slipping debate questions to “crooked Hillary.” The revelations in these and other emails finally prompted the Director of the FBI, James Comey, to reopen the Clinton investigation after previously whitewashing her crimes. Magically, 30,000 emails were reviewed in one week and she was exonerated from criminal prosecution. And still the liberals blame Comey for Clinton’s loss.

The next excuse for Trump’s victory was manipulation of votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. The Democrat’s acknowledged that there was no evidence of any tampering with voting machines – however, there were more votes tallied for her in Detroit than cast. The originators of “fake news” (the media) fanned the passions of the loons and breathlessly followed Jill Stein and the Green party as she fleeced lots of people out of seven million dollars for recounts. When that pathetic effort was finished, Trump actually gained more votes than Clinton gained.

Obama has now taken up the latest cause célèbre, fake news. He opines that alternative information sources like Talk Radio and social media caused people to question the “news” reporting of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, Washington Post and the New York Times. I won’t cite the numerous lapses of the truth and outright obfuscation by our lame-duck President.

And the blame goes on. “The polls misled us,” they whine. Even the NY Times apologized to their readership for their lack of integrity, and promised to tell the truth . . . next time. This is the same “newspaper” who openly discarded impartial reporting last June, opting to “save the country” by helping to defeat Trump.

Now, Clinton’s staff blames Huma Abedin, big donors blame John Podesta’s poor campaign and Bill Clinton blames white men who didn’t vote for Hillary. What about the Democrat Party that rejected Bernie Sanders and chose the deeply flawed candidate, Hillary Clinton? And the piêce de résistance, fake news was again used to promote the notion that Electors would renounce their pledge of honor and vote for Hillary or someone other than Trump, while ignoring the will of the people in the 2600 counties Trump won (Clinton won 500 counties). The cry went out to sacrifice the peaceful transition of power in America for anarchy. This ruse also failed when three times the number of Electors turned on Clinton while only two renounced their pledge to vote the people’s will for Trump. The final tally is 304 votes for Trump and 227 for Clinton.

How long the Trump Derangement Syndrome will last is anyone’s guess.’s Director, Anna Galland, says that protests against Electors will only be “a marker for what’s to come.” These are not the words of the majority of sane Democrats. These are not the words of a “loyal opposition” which holds the group in power accountable. These are the words of subversion which play upon the fertile minds of the marginally sane.

Nascent democracies of antiquity held that a civil society could be constructed on the basis of four virtues which we now call the Cardinal Virtues. These are justice, common sense, courage and moderation. In recent years, we’ve seen very little common sense or moderation in our polis. The notion of courage requires risk and the possibility of loss. Too many snow flake collegiates can’t seem to stand opinions contrary to the indoctrinated messages they’ve received from their uber leftist professors (alt leftists in modern lingo).

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the prophet Micah, and his recording of God’s words in the 6th chapter and 8th verse. God said, “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” The verbs are especially important. Acting justly requires discernment and includes consequences more than condemnation. Loving mercy is an ongoing process and, I believe, can only occur after justice is served and there is a contrite and submissive heart in the vanquished. In the movie The Gladiator, the protagonist showed mercy to his fellow gladiator by refusing the Emperor’s orders to kill his defeated foe. How can we show mercy to those who are defeated yet refuse to acknowledge their defeat and are not contrite, but remain subversive? The danger is that the victor will become self righteous and no longer walk humbly with God.

I have to admit that it is difficult to show mercy to the likes of Michael Moore, George Soros and other subversive elements in our polis. I believe it would be easier if they supported the peaceful transition of power as so many “deplorables” and “bitter clingers” did in 2008. I can only pray that these wounded and confused folks will come to their senses in the new year and became the “loyal opposition” which makes our democracy and Representative Republic unique in all of history.