By Rosie Moore

When I was growing up I attended the Mennonite church. This kindly, conservative group of people were committed to pacifism and also adhered to the literal preaching of Christ to be “in the world” but not “of the world.” They displayed this teaching by their dress, the women by covering their hair and the men by preaching the truths of God’s Word. I learned a lot from them.

On Sunday evenings before the main service they had a “Children’s Hour” which consisted of Bible Verse contests, Bible Book contests, etc.

I don’t mean to brag but, invariably I won a lot of these contests. The Mennonite parents were dismayed by this fact that I was more knowledgeable than their children but they awarded me with small New Testaments and bookmarks.

One verse stood out in my memory. “Jesus Wept” can be found in the book of John, chapter 11, Verse 35.

It took quite a few years for me to realize the significance of those two words.

For me to realize that Jesus was human. He could get hungry, get tired, he enjoyed friends, he ate with sinners, he loved people. There’s no mention in the Bible if he laughed but I like to think he did occasionally. And he loved his friends, especially Mary and Martha and Lazarus. I’m sure he loved many more including Mary Magdalene, whom I think he might have had thoughts of love.

When his friend, Lazarus died, Jesus wept, even though it was in his power to bring him alive again.

So, it’s OK to weep. Physicians claim that weeping can lower blood pressure. Maybe, maybe not. I know I feel better after crying unless it’s at a sad affair such as a funeral. I cry when I watch certain movies, such as “Dr. Zhivago” or “Mr. Holland’s Opus” I cry when I see children abused. I cry when young men and women are killed at war.

Whatever makes you cry, do it. Jesus did.

Thought for the day: Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

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