Thank you UT Veterinary Medical Center

By Steve Hunley

If like me, you have a pet you realize that precious creature is a part of the family. Regular readers of The Focus will recall the frequent mentions of my little Jack Russell terrier, Opie. From the time I saw him, I instantly bonded with him.

Naturally, my love for Opie has become something I get teased about regularly by my family. My son, Stephen, for whatever reason was describing the pecking order in our family once, telling my wife Kim, “I guess Dad loves you best, then us kids…” and suddenly stopped and started over. “I guess Dad loves Opie best, then you, then us kids…”

Recently, when returning from lunch with Opie, I noticed that he was doing his best not to put weight on his right back leg. Needless to say, I was concerned and I picked him up and we were off to Tazewell Pike Animal Clinic. Opie’s regular vets Dr. Joanne HIbbs, Dr. Lori Smith and Dr. Meghan Zeise did a great job in their initial examinations. Their preliminary diagnosis was a torn cruciate ligament in his right rear knee and he would need surgery.

At that point his regular vets recommended that I take Opie to the UT Veterinary Medical Center.

I knew the UT Veterinary Medical Center was a wonderful place from past experience, but I will confess I was still both nervous and worried.

Opie had his knee surgery and it was very successful. I quickly established a regular pattern of visiting times. I was astonished by two things: how quickly he recovered and the care he was receiving. Opie’s incision healed very quickly, he was watched carefully for any sign of infection and immediately began to go through the doggie equivalent of rehab. There are quite a few steps in our house and I wanted to be certain Opie would have no difficulty going anywhere in his house he wanted to go.

The staff at the UT Veterinary Medical Center is very invested in their animal patients. Over the next six weeks, it became absolutely obvious that everyone there truly cares about each and every one of the animals in their safekeeping.

Opie’s staff cuddled with him and gave him constant attention; the doctors checked him regularly and the staffers supervising his rehab handled him both expertly and gently. Each time I visited Opie, I was given a detailed progress report. It was not merely medicine, but medicine administered with a big dollop of affection and understanding.

In all candor, Opie could not have received better care and treatment anywhere. The folks at the UT Veterinary Medical Center treat their patients just as we would if we only had the necessary skills.

I’ve been so impressed I’ve told my wife Kim that if I have to go to the hospital, I want to be taken to the UT Veterinary Medical Center. If your pet needs some very special treatment, I would tell you without hesitation to try the UT Veterinary Medical Center.

You may well think this column is an advertorial, and perhaps it is, but I can assure you, it’s not for payment. It’s out of repayment and pure old-fashioned gratitude.

Opie and I and our entire family thank you UT Veterinary Medical Center!


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