By Ralphine Major

When I met them last summer, I was impressed that he even knew the name “Johnny Majors” much less notice that the last name is the same as mine—except for the “s.” After all, he is a native of Alabama and still a fan of the Tide! Outstanding efforts of the pastor search committee led by Dr. Carter Davis, a former dentist and retired missionary, found the Green family in Jacksonville, Florida. Wallace Memorial Baptist Church called Dr. John T. Green, IV, to be their Lead Pastor—only the fourth in church history. Since their arrival in Knoxville nearly five months ago, the Green family has been very busy. It is hard to keep up with John, Katherine, and their three children, which include twins Lyla and Fisher and Ransom. Lyla enjoys riding horses, and both Fisher and Ransom enjoy playing baseball and basketball.

The young pastor endeared himself to the Wallace family with his first sermon, “Found,” about the lost coin. John has a heart for missions and has already gone on the Bill Wallace Tour, which is a wonderful walk through the life of Dr. Bill Wallace of China for whom Wallace Memorial is named. Big neon letters spelling out JESUS SAVES for his first series of sermons showed John’s love of Jesus and his heart for lost souls. Once he steps up to speak, Dr. Green is totally focused on the message which is always compact and powerful. His style is much like that of his father, Dr. Tommy Green, Executive Director of the Florida Baptist Convention.

I have heard comments that the 37-year-old is wise beyond his years. John is truly a “people person,” and it is evident that the people feel his love.

“His focus is on people, not accomplishments,” Dr. Carter Davis said. “Because of Dr. Green’s humility, I had to coerce information of his accomplishments,” he added about the interview process. The comment I hear most often from church members is that Dr. Green not only connects with the younger generation, but he has an amazing ability to relate to those much older than him. I even learned that he has been called a young Jim McCluskey!

I asked the Pastor Emeritus, Dr. James McCluskey, for a comment. “John and Katherine Green and their family are an answer to prayer,” Dr. McCluskey said. “Dr. Green’s first few months as Lead Pastor of Wallace Memorial Baptist Church have been received with enthusiasm and joy. I am truly excited about the future of the church and the growth of influence in our community and around the world. Dr. Green brings to the church a passion for sharing the good news of God’s love through Jesus Christ.”

An excellent photographer, Katherine uses Katherine Green Photography as a ministry of her own. Welcome to Knoxville, Green Family! You have already been such a blessing! Thank you, Dr. Green, for your leadership! God surely has great things in store for Wallace Memorial and for the Green family!