Liberals Look Down On Ordinary Americans

By John J. Duncan Jr.


A few weeks ago I wrote about a new book entitled “Where Have All The Democrats Gone?” by the two longtime Democrat consultants who say their party is losing the working class because it has become too “elitist.”

John Judis and Ruy Teixeira wrote that Democrats have allowed things that people care about like the “economy and public safety” to be “overshadowed by more elitist topics like identity politics, gender ideology, defunding the police, climate change,” etc.

They added that Democrats were turning people off by mistakenly following a “vaguely defined yet rigidly enforced ideology of anti-racism, which sees white supremacy as the force behind every institution in America.”

These are not criticisms coming from partisan Republicans but rather from two men who have worked to help elect Democrats for many years.

Liberals, by looking down at ordinary average Americans and seeming to believe that almost everyone except themselves were racists, have been rapidly losing voters.

In other words, by going overboard in fighting racism that does not exist, the Democrats have become the biggest racists of all.

This was seen most clearly in the Left’s love-at-first-sight embrace of Black Lives Matter, which turned out to be a mega-million-dollar scam.

This has also been seen for many years by liberals loudly proclaiming their tolerance for everything except expressions of beliefs by conservative or fundamentalist Christians.

The brilliant late columnist Charles Krauthammer once wrote that liberals don’t just think conservatives are wrong on the issues, “liberals think conservatives are evil.”

Liberals, in their arrogance, seem to believe that average Americans are so dumb that they are not capable of running their own lives and that the government should run their lives for them (and that liberals should run the government).

Most on the Left have such an obsessive hatred for Donald Trump they just cannot believe that any decent American could really be for him.

If you can stand it, watch the panels on MSNBC and CNN for a few minutes. Observe the smirks, the condescension, the sarcasm, the holier-than-thou superiority toward Donald Trump and his supporters.

On the night of the Iowa Caucus, Kaitlan Collins of CNN expressed her elitist shock that almost three-fourths of the Iowa Republicans still believe that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen.

Yet, in 2012 a panel chaired by former President Jimmy Carter said you could never have a secure national election with widespread use of mail-in ballots, and there was never as much use of those ballots as in 2020 when millions floated around.

On the night of the Caucus, former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said the biggest gap in this country today is between the national media and the people. The elites of the national media are in a bubble. They really only talk to each other and can’t understand ordinary Americans.

This is especially true of MSNBC and CNN which will only hire former Republican officials or officeholders who are angry at the party like Adam Kinzinger, David Jolly and Michael Steele.

The same thing that is happening here in our country – this division between the elites and the working class – is starting to happen all over the world.

On, Jan. 16, the Drudge Report carried a story about Oliver Bäte, the CEO of German insurance giant, Allianz, who said “detachment of the political elite from the working class” is a major risk.

He added: “You’ve seen recent elections in the Netherlands, you’ve seen it in France, and societies are polarizing because our leaders are not addressing the needs of the people.”

These were statements made at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland – probably the most elitist gathering of big business and top government officials in the world.

There is nothing more oriented toward the globalist big government, big business duopoly than this World Economic Forum.

The people are rebelling against the Democrats here, and parties like them across the world, which have become the parties of big government and big business rather than being “by the people and for the people.”