By Ralphine Major

I first met her over the phone.  Her sweet voice uttered those kind words.  “May I help you?” she asked.  That was the beginning of years-long admiration and friendship for Knoxville cardiologist Dr. Kyle McCoy’s nurse, Lisa Kitts.  Focus readers may remember Dr. McCoy in my first column for the Focus in “The Real McCoy” (2-7-11).  McCoy was also featured in “Take it to Heart . . .” (11-19-12) and “First Pacemaker Sets the Pace at Tennova North” (8-5-13).  It was Lisa who helped me coordinate these stories with Dr. McCoy.  There is definitely no turnover in staff here.  Lisa has been Dr. McCoy’s nurse for 26 years!  “I am so fortunate to have been able to work with such a fine physician for so many years,” Lisa said.  “He is not only a fine physician but has become a dear friend.  We laugh about growing old together for many years to come.”

Our mother had a heart attack in the spring of 2007.  On the day she was discharged from the hospital, Dr. McCoy discussed follow-up visits.  He told us to “call Lisa.”  We did.  We could not have been more impressed the first time we talked to her—and every time since.  A friendly voice, a sweet smile, and encouraging words seemed to be her pattern.  We could not wait to meet her in person.  Dr. McCoy expressed his appreciation for Lisa.  McCoy feels that “HE IS THE LUCKIEST MAN IN THE WORLD to have been able to work with her for 26 years.”

Besides a nursing career, Lisa is a pastor’s wife and mother of two grown daughters.  She is also a grandmother to Harper and Hollyn, her two beautiful granddaughters.  Lisa is truly a role model for the nursing profession.  She exemplifies all the qualities of a kind, caring, and compassionate nurse.  Congratulations, Lisa on your many years in the field of nursing!  Thank you for everything you do!

Words of Faith:  One of Lisa’s favorite verses is Philippians 4:6 NIV.  It bears repeating during these days of the pandemic.  “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”