By John J. Duncan Jr.

I don’t believe I have ever heard of anything that is more ridiculous or anything that would make people angrier than paying illegal immigrants $450,000 each.

Former Democratic Congressman Harold Ford Jr. said on Fox News on Nov. 7 that if the democrats let this go through, it would be very hard for them to defend the 50 or 60 House Seats that would be closely contested.

President Biden knows so little of what’s going on in his Administration that he called reports about these proposed payments “garbage” and said it wouldn’t happen.

But the very next day his Deputy Press Secretary defended this proposed settlement and even went so far as to imply it could “save money.”

And then the president a couple of days later, having apparently been briefed by his handlers, denied he had made the garbage statement, which was just a bald-faced lie.

It is amazing how far and how fast the president has fallen after only a little over nine months in the White House.

On Nov. 8, USA Today published a poll showing that Biden’s approval rate was a very weak 38%. And Vice President Harris had dropped even further to a 28% approval.

The poll also said 64% of the American people hoped he would not run for re-election, and already 16% of those who voted for him repent doing so.

There was a poll not long after the election which said 17% of those who had voted for Biden said they would not have done so if they had known about the scandals around Hunter Biden.

And this was long before Joe Biden became as unpopular as he is today.

I especially wonder about the 25 or 30 former Republican members of Congress who endorsed Biden. They must either regret having done so or else they were false in about every vote they cast in the House and Senate.

When President Trump was in office, we had become energy independent and gas prices had come down from a high of $4-5 to an average of around $1.85.

Then President Biden, under the control of radical environmentalists, immediately shut down a major pipeline project, destroying 11,000 jobs. Now, he is on the verge of shutting down a pipeline in Michigan, and gas prices have gone way up, and his Secretary of Energy said a few days ago that they are going higher.

The Biden Energy Policy seems to be begging OPEC to produce more oil, and so far, this is not working for Americans.

All this led to a 12-point swing to the Republicans in Virginia, from a 10-point Biden victory there a year ago, to a 2-point win for the Republican candidates for the three top offices there on election day.

In New Jersey, an unknown, way under-funded Republican candidate for governor there came within one point of beating the incumbent Democrat governor in a state Biden won a year ago by almost 16 points.

And a truck driver who spent only $153 on his campaign defeated the Democratic leader of the New Jersey State Senate, a man who had been described as the second most powerful man in that state.

Republicans also won unexpected victories in local elections all over the country, even adding a few Republicans to the city council in heavily Democratic New York City.

On the far-left MSNBC, one of the regulars said the voters showed they “hated political correctness” and another said the Democrats need to learn to be not “so elitist.”

Then, of course, they blamed all the Republican victories on white racism, including even the Republican elected as Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, who happens to be the first Black woman ever elected statewide there.

Primary election day is May 3 next year. Early voting begins April 13.