By Rosie Moore

In this world with its lack of love, so many things are said about love. It is the main theme of a myriad of songs; in fact, most songs are about love. Jesus gives us this commandment in a very interesting and ironic situation. The disciples had just entered the Upper Room, arguing about who was the most important. Jesus had to show them what true love was. This was also when Judas started putting his horrific act of betrayal into operation; a most unloving act. The only love that was present here would be revealed in Jesus’ surrender of Himself, which was an unequaled act of love. For Him to die on the cross was the world’s greatest act of love.
Take a look at your own Christian community or church group and ask yourself how much mutual love is shared among the members. I am happy to say that much love is shown in my church among the members. How much do you contribute towards spreading Jesus’ love among your fellow believers?
It must be remembered that there are many different kinds of love. We all know what they are for we’ve all experienced them at one time or another in our lives. The ancient Greeks give us seven different kinds of love, such as, Agave– unconditional love, Eros–romantic love, Philia–affectionate love,  Philautia love–self-love, Pragma–enduring love, Ludus–playful love, and Mania–obsessive love. I was surprised to learn about all these loves, although I knew they existed in the deep parts of my mind.
Many love poems and love songs have been written about love. There are short poems and long poems. Here is a short poem:
I never knew about happiness;
I didn’t think dreams came true;
I couldn’t really believe in love,
Until I met you.
Everyone knows Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s love poem, “How do I love thee, let me count the ways.” I realize now that I should have waited till Valentine’s Day to write this article. Perhaps it will be published again??
The word “love” is mentioned 20 times in the New Testament. Some of these thoughts were taken from my devotional book, “Trusting In God” but many of these thoughts came from the heart. The three best words of all come from the Bible, “God is love.” Remember them.

Thought for the day:  What’s earth with all its art? Verse, music, worth compared with love, found, gained and kept? Robert Browning

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