By Dr. Jim Ferguson

On Columbus Day, I read a story about the intrepid Captain who, “in 1492, sailed the ocean blue.” (I suspect this was the first historical date I memorized.) But there is more to his story. Before Columbus sailed westward he spent more than a decade trying to convince the King of Portugal and then the King of Spain to fund his expedition to find a westward route to the Spice Islands. Spices such as pepper were highly coveted by Europeans of the renaissance and quite expensive.

Sailing to the Far East from Europe required a long and arduous trip down the western coast of Africa and around Cape Hope, then across the Indian Ocean to the Spice Islands of present day Indonesia. Understandably, an alternative route sailing westward was sought. However, it would be Magellan who later discovered the westward route to the Spice Islands during his circumnavigation of the world completed in 1522. And Magellan’s westward journey would be even more arduous than Columbus’ voyage.

Columbus did not believe astronomers of his day who thought the world was larger and farther away than his own calculations. Columbus finally convinced the king of Spain, Ferdinand, and his wife Isabella, to support his adventure. Sailing westward Columbus finally made landfall in the Bahamas and later explored Cuba and the island of Hispaniola. He never found the Spice Islands he sought. Some argue that Columbus persisted in his belief that he had discovered Asia despite the observations of others who concluded that he had actually discovered a “new world” between Europe and Asia.

What if one day you come to realize that your observations and foundational beliefs are wrong? Could you accept such a challenging reality or would such a new revelation destroy you and proverbially throw you to the floor in a fetal position?

Since I am philosophically Trinitarian, I find three options in most situations. I have told Becky that if we ever find ourselves on the Newlywed Game (Ha, it won’t happen!) and Bob Eubanks asks what is my favorite number, she should say three. So to complete Ferguson’s philosophical triad, I can conceive that a third option would be to deny the new reality and embrace a delusion.

Paraphrasing Mr. Webster, a delusion is a persistent false belief that is maintained despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Perhaps Columbus was delusional. It is certain that the present day media Democrat leadership and the Democrat media are delusional. Like Ahab chasing the great white whale, Moby Dick, their hatred of Trump has made the Democrats insane and delusional.

Adam Schiff, the Democrat Presidential wannabes, as well as Pelosi and the media have invested so much in the destruction and impeachment of President Trump that they have become lost to reason and observational reality. These people are willing to damage our country and the rest of us in their obsession to destroy their great white whale, Donald Trump. A characteristic of schizophrenia is delusional thinking. I wonder if it is possible to have “political schizophrenia?”

I love the Allstate Insurance Company’s TV commercials that feature a destructive man, a personified Mayhem. The term mayhem is defined as needless or willful damage. Perhaps Swamp Democrats should do their own commercial spots with their new spokeswoman AOC, who opines Democrats should be willing to lose the 2020 elections to destroy the great white whale. This is delusional and sick. Daily, I pray for these lost and confused souls. In November 2020 we must remember what happens when you elect progressive-socialist-Democrats – Mayhem.

As I pen this essay on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, I remain optimistic in the wisdom and goodness of the American people. A friend of mine sees the world differently than I do. He is an intelligent and thoughtful Christian who is a liberal Democrat. I have assured him (and others) that I do not place him within the ranks of Washington Swamp Democrats or the major news media. Our respectful disagreement on politics is an aspect of tolerance which allows diversity and makes democracy work.

Like me, President Trump is an imperfect man and a sinner. Early in my marriage I was less careful in my speech and occasionally guilty of profanity. The lovely and grace-filled Becky contributed to my marital enlightenment, decreeing that profane speech was “unacceptable.” Actually, profanity is reflective of an impoverished vocabulary – except perhaps when you hit your finger with a hammer.

A common complaint regarding President Trump is his sometimes crass speech. I personally wish that he was more genteel in his verbiage, but he is battling the combined forces of Democrats, the media and the Swamp. Quite honestly, many in Washington make me want to swear. And, under the circumstances of constant lies and the Democrat’s endless Presidential coup d’état, I don’t know how Trump keeps his tongue as well as he does. I doubt that I would be able to do so. Perhaps I’ll ask Becky to write Melania Trump and offer some advice for curbing the President’s tongue. However, I did not vote for Trump’s elocution. I voted for his execution (elimination) of policy, such as reversing Obama’s anti-American, globalist and progressive-socialist dictates.

Recently, I asked a friend how she might act if her son were viciously attacked. She implied that “Mama Bear” would respond vigorously. As a result, I challenged her premise that Trump’s speech is non Presidential and hateful. I pointed out that eight years of unchallenged negative press drove George Bush’s approval rating down into the 20s and negatively affected our country. Trump is a Bronx counter-puncher, and if you hit him he will hit back. He’s a regular guy just like me. Neither of us are Jesus Christ, who would turn the other cheek.

I really don’t know what will happen in the next year other than to warn you that things will be worse in the run-up to the November 2020 election as Democrats become increasingly desperate. It was Hippocrates who once noted that desperate situations often lead to desperate measures. Repeatedly, the Democrats’ measures have failed, but they are not finished.

The Doctor’s advice in this coming year is to turn off cable news and be skeptical of everything you hear. Sift everything through your conscience and use common sense. Love your family and be kind and tolerant of your neighbors. And always, keep looking up!