When people show you what they are, believe it.

Lisa Boothe


Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

Ronald Reagan

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

What a contrast between President Trump’s hope-filled Save America rally in Pennsylvania and Joe Biden’s sinister and threatening diatribe against half of America. The divider-in-chief was in rare form at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. Several years ago, Becky and I did our own American history tour including Independence Hall. The “hellish” staging for Biden’s rant was in stark contrast to the place where the Founders conceived our nation. Some described Biden as a Sith Lord from Star Wars. Others imagined him as Scar from The Lion King. I saw the Gollum Sméagol from The Lord of the Rings, twisted and corrupted by his pursuit of the ring of power. (Google it).

What does it take to convince you to vote against Democrats even if the Republican candidates may be less than ideal? Dan Bongino says, “Republicans may not fix our problems, but Democrats certainly caused them.” We see what happens when Democrats control Washington and the major cities of the country. And since his angry tirade against 50% of Americans, iPOTUS has widened his attack to include Congressional Republicans and anyone else who disagrees with his hate-speech. Perhaps I’m on his list. Remember, there is no courage without the possibility of loss. We must stand up and say NO to such anti-American tyranny.

In a sane world, the destructive policies of the Democrats and Biden would produce a red wave in November. But what if the corrupt media covers for Democrats and the corruptocrat-in-chief just as they did in the Hunter Biden laptop story and promotion of the scurrilous Russian collusion hoax? You should question everything the media tells you.

There is a saying that a wounded animal is dangerous. And the same goes for a rabid animal. The leftist, progressive, socialist Democrats are rabid. And the Biden administration, wounded by inflation, open borders, gas prices, fentanyl, crime, supply shortages and foreign policy disasters like Afghanistan, is dangerous.

As the midterms approach, things will get worse over the next two months. Although we enjoy relative safety and sanity in Knoxville, there is no safe haven. However, some places are worse than others. Memphis was a mean town when I trained there 50 years ago. After the recent kidnappings and murders in Memphis, I advised a colleague to a take a job offer in North Carolina and relocate his family and his medical practice.

A friend recently asked me for my definition of a meme. I have a pretty good vocabulary, perhaps because I’m a writer and interested in words. However, in no way can I compare with Mr. Webster. To quote him, a meme is “an amusing or interesting item, such as a picture, spread online or person to person.” The now infamous photo of an angry Biden, with raised fists in front of a red backdrop flanked by Marines, needs no explanatory caption. iPOTUS’ purpose was not to persuade, but to threaten and intimidate people who want to Make America Great. Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Are people who want to Make America Great Again (MAGA) analogous to the Jews of Germany in the 1930s? Will my truck be keyed if it sports a MAGA bumper sticker? And if former presidents are not safe from politically motivated search and seizure, are any of us? Trump is brash and dared to “pull back the curtain” to show how corrupt the system has become; and he’s paying the price for standing up to the Washington swamp. Chuck Schumer warned him against opposing the intelligent community which is “neither intelligent nor a community.”

We hear much these days about threats to our democracy. Actually, we are not a democracy. We are a representative republic based on the rule of law designed to protect citizens against an all-powerful government. People are afraid of you Joe, and are angry because things are so much worse since you and your Democrat buds took over. We The People are afraid of the looming economic meltdown, neighborhood crime, the loss of free speech, censorship, sexualization of our young children and indoctrination in schools with anti-American bilge. We’re mad as hell!

The Chinese and Russians have figured out that they don’t need to fight us. They just need to keep the external pressure on and wait for the radical Democrats to destroy us from within. Look at how bad things have gotten with two years of Democrat rule. Can you give me an example of anything that is working? Of course, there are exceptions to the broken FBI, the broken border and the broken big cities run by Democrats. My marriage is working. My kids and grans are growing up and doing well. Sevier Heights Church is thriving. And as I write this essay, the Braves are tied with the Mets for first place in the NL East.

Our erstwhile president introduced me to a new term recently. He denigrates MAGA folks, and now rails against anyone who supports Trump, labeling them “semi-fascists.” Someone should tell word-salad-Joe that there is no such thing as a semi-fascist. Perhaps the confused-one thinks they are incomplete fascists, although there is no such term. Again, to quote Webster, Fascism is “a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race. Fascism has a centralized autocratic government, headed by a dictatorial leader, imposes severe economic and social regimentation and forcibly suppresses opposition.” Perhaps Biden thinks some are less fascist than his own administration.

There is precedent for Biden’s name calling. It has been my observation that the Democrats are often doing the very thing for which they accuse others. Actually, Ol’ Joe’s ability to think in such strategic terms is long since gone, if it was ever there. However, he has enough left to read and embrace the anti-American hate-speech on the Teleprompter.

So, in these tough times I recommend you “hold on” (last week’s essay) to faith in family, remain skeptical of everything you hear, seek the wisdom of the ages and keep looking up! Remember, Jesus’s brother James once said, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). Well said, brother James.