By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Fall is finally here and the chill will turn our unseasonably green tree leaves to warmer colors of orange, red and gold. Leaves are green because of chlorophyll a pigment that absorbs and transfers light energy from the sun and transforms carbon in the atmosphere into leaves, stems and tree trunks. Since the earth rotates on a tilted axis, we have seasons, and as the sun’s angle declines, less energy is delivered, temperatures fall and chlorophyll decomposes into fall colors.

I understand the science of seasons, colors and falling leaves, and I like Halloween fun with carved pumpkins, kids in “spooky” costumes and trick or treat. The seasonal fun derives from All Hallows Eve, a western tradition where the saints (hallows) are remembered. Halloween or hallows eve may have Celtic roots, but the name is of 18th century Christian origin and means holy evening, historically associated with fall harvest celebrations.

On Halloween I don’t believe saints roam the forests and neighborhoods like the headless horseman. In my Methodist church on the Sunday after “hallows eve,” we honor all the “saints” who have passed-on. In antiquity all believers were considered saints. The Mormon church is called the Church of Latter Day Saints.

What I don’t understand is the horror of Halloween or horror films and books by Stephen King and Dean Koontz. These authors write beautifully, but their genre is too disturbing for me. I could barely sit through the Exorcist. And though I love science fiction, the transformed “haunted house” in the movie Alien, where a monster chases Sigourney Weaver through a space ship, was unpleasantly terrifying for me. I had to peek through my fingers to sit through the movie.

Little children love to be chased and tickled, up to a point. Is this because tickling is just a form of touch? Or, is tickling a game which titillates, inducing playful laughter? Or, are tickling and chasing edgy games evoking some primeval sense of fear and powerlessness which we all strive to overcome? I can tell myself that the monster chasing Sigourney Weaver is not real, but I also know that the universe is vast, mysterious and sometimes dangerous. So, like a good joke that has elements of truth, horror has elements of possibility and fear. Perhaps the reason I like the movie Ghostbusters best is because it softens spooks with spoof.

Halloween Eve will not find me scared of the little “spooks” running through our neighborhood or ringing our doorbell. I believe departed souls are somewhere, but no longer with us in this dimensional reality. As a result I can treat the spooks of Halloween as fun. However, I am wary of humans because I know there are disturbed people around us. I have seen howling zombies in the emergency room. I don’t fear “ghosts,” but I fear crazed people on drugs or possessed (co-opted) by evil.

I shouldn’t be too critical of the zombie craze, though I don’t care for it. I better comprehend their equivalent within a science-fiction genre exemplified by the Borg in the Star Trek movies. The Borg “zombies” were once human, but were taken over and rendered zombie-like by the Borg Collective, and operate in thrall to supreme soul-less leaders. Actually, they are the living dead and analogous to the zombies of current day American mobs.

I can avoid the newest rendition of the movie Halloween or Stephen King books, but it is increasingly difficult to avoid left wing mobs who irrationally march under the orders of their supreme leaders. Recently, I wrote about the mobs of the French revolution and the Reign of Terror. The anarchist operatives, of the Kavanaugh hearings who later clawed at the doors of the Supreme Court and continue to march in the streets accosting citizens, terrify me. Cory Booker (a.k.a. Spartacus) and Chuck Schumer are playing with fire in their quest for power. Democrat leaders, including the media, are putting us all in grave danger. The results of hatred are on full display for anyone who has “eyes to see.”

Even Senator Lindsey Graham has come to his senses as a result of the despicable actions of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary committee during the Kavanaugh hearings. Though not a Trump fan, Graham now shouts the warning, “Do not give these people (Democrats) power again.” It is obvious to a rational person that the Democrat party’s leadership has converted people into a dangerous mob. And oh, how the Dems and their media buds hate that moniker! Like good comedy and scary movies, there is truth in the “mob” allegation. America is facing grave danger with this November 6, 2018 election. To boil all the rhetoric down to a fundamental choice, will Americans choose “jobs or mobs”?

As I complete this essay, a mob gathers in Central America to open a new front in the assault on America. CNN and NBC are getting the vapors as people refer to this mob as a invasion army; which it is. Assuredly, there are armed thugs and drug runners within this rabble. The mob threatens our national sovereignty and our laws. Our statutes say that asylum must be sought in the country with contiguous borders to the country you’re fleeing. That would be Mexico for Central Americans, not the US.

And have you noticed the politically driven “language drift” from “wet backs” used during the Eisenhower deportations to illegal aliens to undocumented migrants and now to immigrants? Legal immigration makes America strong, but an invasion should prompt a declaration of war. Do you think Congressional Democrats would take notice if eight thousand Russians were massing at the southern border for invasion?

The ancient Chinese built the Great Wall to keep out invading Mongol hordes. In the second century A.D. the Roman emperor Hadrian built a wall across northern Britain to keep out the Caledonii. And the Israelis have proven that a wall works to exclude terrorists. If Trump’s wall is not built aliens will continue north, drug cartels will continue the flow of poison and sex trafficking, and America will no longer exist as a sovereign nation.

It’s your choice, America: jobs and prosperity or mobs and invasion; tax cuts and the rule of law or open borders, sanctuary cities and a welfare state.