If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.
Philip K. Dick

By Dr. Jim Ferguson


I realize it’s challenging to discern the truth these days. Some might even argue, “What difference at this point does it make?” (HRC). In our drive-through, fast-food culture sound bites, headlines and gotchas fuel the politicized war of words. There are no absolute rules of discovery, but I learned long ago that some have proven themselves trustworthy and some have not.
A friend recently commented that progressives and conservatives have different compendiums of facts. That is true. Although I read widely, I trust the observations of The Five, Harold Black and Jimmy Duncan, as well as Tucker Carlson, over those of The View, The Washington (Bezos) Post and CNN. The reason I choose conservative analysts is the same reason I trust my wife’s judgment: Becky and Conservatives have track records that are far superior to those of liberal Democrats.
Georg Hegel was a 19th century German philosopher who derived the “Hegelian dialectic.” He described a thesis or idea which is presented and is then challenged by a counter-thesis or antithesis. Through back and forth debate a synthesis (compromise) arises which is itself a new thesis, instituting a new cycle. To some degree, everyone uses this dialectical method. However, it is only possible when the parties respect each other, predicated on track records of integrity and adherence to reason. Admittedly, I would be unable to enter a dialectical discussion with Joe Biden – even if he were still rational – because of his track record of dishonesty.
My point is that discussion has largely become impossible with leaders of the Democrat party because they believe facts like border invasion, 100+genders or Biden Inc’s bank records are not acceptable facts or concepts for discussion. Therefore, I can no longer consider the Progressive Democrat perspective. They have forfeited all respect and no longer deserve consideration or civility. I believe Democrats, as currently constituted, must be utterly defeated to prevent further harm to the country, my family, and children not sufficiently mature to make decisions about gender transformation surgery and medications.
Have you wondered how Donald Trump could build skyscrapers in NYC for years, run a huge business organization and never run afoul of the law or judicial system? And yet, as he came down the elevator of Trump Tower to announce his presidential run, the Democrat long knives came out. And the New York sycophants, who once loved to be seen with Trump, disappeared. Trump was just as brash before he was president. The difference was he challenged the ruling class and the Washington deep state. So now they might as well add Presidential “loitering” to the ever-expanding political witch-hunt charge list.
Several months ago I learned a new word. Mopery is the act of committing a minor or petty crime. An example might be loitering. I recently read that President Trump now has more than 70 charges levied against him by Biden’s weaponized judicial system. I’m no legal expert, but the Mueller investigation and Durham report, Hillary Clinton’s Russian collusion farce, the bogus impeachments and the loss of credibility of all sectors of government lead me to conclude that there is one justice system for Americans, January 6 detainees and those who challenge the system, and another for elites like Hunter, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, BLM and ANTIFA thugs.
The first amendment was put into the Constitution to protect freedom of religion, assembly and speech, and also to guarantee an independent press. The mainstream media (MSM) is no longer independent; they have become the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. The Democrats even want to abolish speech they disagree with. An especially egregious example is their attempt to prevent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy from speaking at a Congressional hearing on free speech! And in the midst of the biggest political scandal in our history, the MSM is virtually silent on the charges that Biden Inc. obtained millions of dollars in payments from foreign nationals. These allegations are not mopery. These are high crimes and felonies.
Being a “seasoned citizen” I have little awareness of what is taught in schools these days. That time and responsibility have now passed to my daughters and sons-in-law. But when I was a young pup, I was introduced to the fables of Aesop and the folk tales of Hans Christian Anderson. I’m sure my readers remember Anderson’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a story about a little boy who was honest and unafraid to report his rational observation that the emperor was buck naked!
The despicable truth is that our “emperor” is creepy, dishonest and demented. And his son who runs his business interests has shown his “hiney” to the world. However, the MSM and the Democrats are so invested in this Potemkin Presidency and their obscene lust for power, they ignore the naked truth and pronounce him capable of being president. I’m not a fan of the fantasy genre, but I liked the Lord of the Rings movies. Ol’ Joe makes me think of the Gollum in the movie who sold his soul in the quest for the ring of power.
So where do we go from here? We are in an existential fight for the country, our families and the future. It is past time to choose between mere differences of opinions. The radical progressive, socialist, Democrat policies are destroying our cities, families and the country.
I often drive past Lakeshore Park, which was formerly the Eastern State Mental Hospital. Before liberal Democrats closed most mental hospitals, I remember a local patient who would sit on a stump at the corner of Northshore and Lyon’s View. He would wave at cars that passed. We called him “stumpy” and he was cared for. Unfortunately, these institutions were closed, and the inmates were released to the streets to be homeless, howl at the moon, do drugs, commit crimes, and prey upon each other and society. What a tragedy that we listened to liberal Democrats who have a track record of destroying everything they touch.
I’m done listening to liberal elites, socialists and the AOCs of the world because their track record throughout history is one of destruction. I’m done being civil to the uninformed, and quislings who vote for and support those who threaten our country and my family. I don’t hate these people who hate me. I just want them removed from power, and their ability to hurt others taken away. I say, turn them out and let them “howl at the moon.”