By Rosie Moore

There’s no way I can calculate the number of times I have moved when I was a child. Now wait a minute! There’s also no way to speculate the number of moves I’ve made since being an adult either. Why is that? I think the economy has a lot to do with it; the economy, the easy access to promising jobs in other areas of states, cities, and small towns. Or, perhaps, personal mishaps in families can constitute a move. Then, there’s the old “keep up with the Jones” theory. Buy a bigger house, in a more outstanding neighborhood, near an exclusive school. Back in my day, the Depression era, people moved constantly because they were unable to pay the rent even when it was considerably low.

So, once again I have moved. It’s amazing the things you find that you thought you had lost when you move. It’s also amazing when you find items that you thought you gave away or that you wanted to keep for some future event.

The really startling thing about moving is the fact that it’s a mystery where the sun shines–in the bedroom, kitchen, or living room in the mornings—where is it in the evenings? You have to be aware of this fact when distributing your plants around the house. It also helps to know which windows face North, South, East and West. You have to learn to move around your new home with agility. It’s hard to put the same items in a different cupboard.

I actually know people who have lived in their homes for fifty, sixty years and I envy them sometimes. Oh, to stay put that long!  Then I think, do they sometimes wish for a different scene, a different outlook on their surroundings? One never knows.

It’s nice to rearrange different items in different locations. I like my new home. I’m anxious to meet new friends and neighbors. That’s something to look forward to. Last, but not least, God moved right along with me. He followed me here and He’s with me wherever I go.

Thought for the day: All things are difficult before they are easy. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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