Now Even Liberals Admit Immigration Is Out Of Control

By John J. Duncan Jr.

Our very biased national media allowed Joe Biden to hide in his basement, hold no big events, and answer only softball questions during the 2020 presidential campaign.

They have continued to protect him during is presidency, letting him get away with things for which they would have blistered Donald Trump.

One of many examples is that only Fox News reports on the flood of people coming through our southern border during the first two years of President Biden’s term in the White House.

Now the illegal surge has become so huge, even the liberal media has been forced to report it.

It has been almost humorous to see far-left big city mayors on television demanding that Governors Abbott of Texas and DeSantis of Florida stop sending illegal immigrants to their cities.

It has been funny, too, to see the wealthy liberal elitists on Martha’s Vineyard get so upset when a busload of illegals arrived in their very exclusive vacation home. They got them out of there quickly.

Cities like Chicago, New York, Denver and others that acted holier-than-thou, proudly proclaiming they were sanctuary cities when President Trump was in office, are now begging President Biden to do something to stop the flood.

Traditional Americans have been “voting with their feet,” fleeing the high taxes, high immigration, and high crime of blue-Democrat-run states and cities for several years.

For most of my life, Democrats relied on the very false claim that Republicans were the party of the rich and wealthy, while they were the party of the little guy – the working men and women.

Now almost everyone knows the most heavily Democrat areas are the so-called “Silk Stocking” district of Mid-town Manhattan, Aspen, and other super wealthy places.

So now the Democrats rely on another very false charge that all Republicans are racist. But even that charge is wearing thin as many more blacks are voting Republican.

The powers in the Democratic Party are desperate to hold on to their power. They are panicking because they also see that young voters, another part of their base, are likewise moving away.

Their solution has been to import millions of what Rush Limbaugh called low-information voters – less educated illegal immigrants, figuring they will be more susceptible to the government giveaways that Democrats use to buy votes.

Actually, they may be surprised, because most of these immigrants are fleeing socialist countries where the economies have been ruined, and they may not like the socialism of today’s Democrats.

Americans are the kindest, most generous people in the world. No other nation has even come close to doing as much for other countries as we have.

But, because almost half the people of the world have to get by on less than $1.50 a day and some 70% on less than $10 a day, several billion people would like to come here.

Our entire infrastructure – our roads, sewers, schools, jails, hospitals, etc. – just could not handle the massive rapid influx of people that would come if we don’t regain control of our border as it was when President Trump was in office.

As I write this column, there is another caravan of at least 8,000 headed our way all at once. December has seen a record number of over 290,000 apprehensions by our border patrol.

We have always way underestimated the number of illegal immigrants in this country. It has been conservatively estimated that 8,000,000 have come in since President Biden has been in office.

This does not count the get-aways or the many that have come in totally undetected.

Most have been given free food, free places to stay (some in very nice  hotels), and free plane rides to different cities around the country.

I remember a humorous Charlie Daniel cartoon in the News Sentinel a few years ago which showed a white man reading a newspaper with a headline that said, “Americans hiring immigrants to do  work they don’t want to do.”

It showed the man’s son leading a Hispanic boy in and the son telling his father “I’ve hired Juan to do my homework.”

If people keep flooding in they will soon be taking more than just the unpleasant jobs.