No society ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce.

Thomas Sowell

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Becky is a more optimistic person than I am. And that’s good. We balance each other in many areas of our marriage. She is more practical, and I am more contemplative. She is an extrovert and I am more introverted. The apostle Paul wrote that we all have different gifts (Romans 12:6), and that is true. However, in a song Becky wrote, “on Matters of the Heart, we’re two of a kind.”

We are beginning to notice more colorful cars lately. Perhaps people are sick and tired of the black, white and gray colors of their cars, mirroring the drab Democrat/Biden era. I hope so.

I loved my red Dodge truck, but it was fourteen years old and made such a racket, creaking and groaning on cold winter mornings, that I decided it was time to trade. So, in the spirit of “reaching across the aisle,” I bought a royal blue Chevy truck four years ago. I’ve been pleased, especially in parking lots where colorless vehicles try to hide. My truck stands out.

Readers know that I love movies and I often use films to demonstrate a point. Most are familiar with the 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz.” The movie begins in black-and-white Kansas, and then Dorothy magically awakens in the colorful land of Oz. But with Biden behind the proverbial curtain, we have the opposite.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago. Becky’s Avalon was approaching 100,000 miles because she drives more than I do and we used her sedan for road trips. As we searched for a new car, we were challenged to find something without the standard drab color. Apparently, car manufacturers find it less expensive to paint vehicles black, white and gray rather than offering colorful alternatives. We even explored having her new gray Highlander painted, but found that this would be fabulously expensive. So, Becky’s car now sports patriotic magnetic decals which make a statement and help us to easily find her car in the parking lot!

Perhaps we should not have bought two vehicles, but with 1.6% inflation under President Trump, a booming economy and a healthy IRA, we splurged and made the necessary purchases. Now, with a plummeting stock market and the worst inflation in 40 years (Biden-flation), maybe we should have been more cautious. Biden says he doesn’t worry about the stock market. I guess that’s because he pays himself from my pocket.

But then, perhaps our vehicle purchases were the correct thing to do. People are now recommending that you put your money in things that are necessary like food, rather than see your dollar devalue with Biden’s inflation. I even bought fertilizer for next year’s garden because of scarcity.

Recently we went to a party hosted by our financial advisor. We were struck by the number of young people present. I told the CEO they must be doing something right because so many youthful clienteles were apparently investing with their firm. There were also a lot of children present, but we noticed that many young people brought their dogs to the outdoor gathering. I’ve read that many millennials are choosing pets rather than children.

I love a turn of phrase (an expression with artful wording). One of the many radio hosts I follow is Chris Plante who broadcasts from Washington, D.C. I wonder how he survives in such a liberal/progressive enclave. Recently, he quipped, “The Democratic party isn’t.’’ I’ve been saying this less artfully for years. Although this party blathers on about “threats to our democracy,” as an organization, they are anything but democratic.

Knoxvillians are blessed to live in an area of relative sanity as compared to Chicago or San Fran-sicko. And we are blessed with four distinct seasons. I love each season. And about the time you get sick of one, a new one comes along. The only exception is late winter’s February, whose one redeeming quality is its brevity.

It is a luxurious fall afternoon as I write this essay, but it is also the biennial election season with midterms only a few weeks away. If you are not registered to vote, you must do so immediately, because not voting is an egregious offense to those who gave their lives to grant us this privilege. We will not vote for a president this November, but the “fifth column” media and the information oligarchs of Twitter, Yahoo and “Fake-book” are already at work in support of Progressive-Socialist-Democrat candidates.

To say that these subversives or their “fact-checkers” have any credibility is ridiculous. I read recently that the New York Times has not endorsed a Republican presidential candidate since Dwight Eisenhower, and the Washington Post has never endorsed one. Yet these rags promote themselves as reliable. Caveat Emptor.

Perhaps we should ignore all polls, but a recent survey caught my eye, revealing that almost two-thirds of Democrats want Biden to run again in 2024! Who are these people? Our divider-in-chief and human gaffe machine gets lost on stage, is led by aides in Easter Bunny outfits and calls out a dead congresswoman in the audience (Jackie Walorski). Perhaps Democrats are afraid of the cackling Kamala Harris who recently told the MSNBC lackey Chuck Todd that our border is secure and we have an alliance with North Korea rather than South Korea!

And the latest kerfuffle is the election of a conservative Italian prime minister, Giorgia Meloni. The media, European Union and leftist elites everywhere are apoplectic, screaming fascist, neo-fascist and the world is going to end.

Perhaps my observations are a tell. Maybe sane people are waking up and a “fall” is coming for the radical Democrats. Perhaps even Joe Manchin, who sold his soul voting for Biden’s Inflation [Production] Act to get a gas line in West Virginia, has awakened after being screwed by Schumer and his Senate buds. Perhaps colorful cars are returning. Perhaps Democrat voters will stop being patsies like Manchin. Perhaps another Great Awakening is rising from our current valley of despair. We can only vote and hope.