By Rosie Moore

I can tell I’m really “getting up there” when I can’t remember my great-grandchildren’s ages. In a column a few weeks ago, I said one of them became five. I was wrong–he was four. Then I got to thinking where does the phrase “great” before any relative come from? I looked it up on Google but got no satisfaction there. I will enlarge on this topic later.

Have you ever noticed that when something tragic happens, people tend to blame God. “Why did God let that happen?” they ask. “Didn’t He care?”

A van full of church goers is demolished and everyone is killed. Why didn’t God prevent that? Didn’t He care about His people?

I have never heard anyone say, “The Devil did that. It was the Devil’s doing”.

Remember, the Devil is God’s adversary. You know how the Devil is. He loves to commit crimes, punish the innocent. The day is coming when the Devil will be defeated by God’s greatness and goodness. Until then, don’t blame God.

I am still moving. I think by Christmas time I will be settled in.  LOL

Every once in a while something extraordinary happens in one’s life that makes one feel all warm and fuzzy. Thank you Rose and Marianne for the lovely Easter basket.

My grandmother wrote a lot of lovely poems which were published. I want to include one here that she wrote after her first child died at childbirth.

“He Careth For You

Oh, be not dismayed, since Jesus doth share.

The perplexing questions, the harassing care.

He sees every footstep, ‘twas all by Him planned,

All thou hast to do is to give Him thy hand.

He leadeth thee safely, ‘mid sunshine and shade

All power is His so be not afraid.

Thy Father hath always been patient and true,

The compassionate Jesus careth for you.

He careth for you when all others fail,

When mighty temptations thy pathway assail.

In all points was He temped,

He knoweth thy frame.

There is perfect deliverance in His precious name.

A little while for loving service, then cometh the day of recompense,

When He, the Bright and Morning Star shall come to gather hence

A blood-bought people for His name, this King,

Shall reign supreme, while all the earth shall sing.”

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