By Ralphine Major

It was a most special summer sighting!  A glance out the window brought quite a surprise.  My brother had spotted the wildlife and called me to come and see the amazing scene.  It is not unusual to see deer in our area, but I expect it more in the winter months.

Somewhat hidden by summer’s lush, green foliage, she was slowly making her way toward the woods.  The beautiful deer stepped into a clearing, and then came another surprise.  A young fawn was following her mother.  I was trying to get both in the camera‘s view when I noticed more movement.  It was a second fawn!  As I was trying to take in the special moment, it was almost impossible to capture the three deer in one photo!  As they continued toward the woods, I hurried outdoors to get a better angle.  For a brief time, the mother stood quietly looking at me.  The two fawns were motionless as well.  I stepped slowly and quietly hoping to get a better picture.  Suddenly they turned, and I could see the three white-tailed deer scampering into the woods.  I have seen many deer over the years but never a mother and two of her young.  How special on an ordinary day to see nature at its best!!!


Words of Faith: “Be exalted, O God, above the heavens, and let your glory be over all the earth.” Psalm 108:5 (NIV).