Oil and Water

There’s a difference between character and personality.

Becky Ferguson

By Dr. Jim Ferguson
A friend sent me a meme showing a traditional two-prong electrical outlet and a cord with three prongs. The caption read, “Democrats and Republicans are incompatible.” I don’t think that’s true. Former Democrat mayor of Knoxville, Randy Tyree, and I are good friends and participate in a Bible study together. And I think Harold Ford Jr. and I would get along just fine. But then I’m not a Republican. I’m a Conservative.

Years ago Becky and I were in Chicago for a meeting and at the last minute, we hopped on the “L” out to Wrigley Field to watch the Chicago Cubs play the Atlanta Braves. We sat in left field, ate hotdogs, drank brewskies and sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” with Harry Caray during the 7th-inning stretch. It was heavenly, and so memorable that I bought a Cubs baseball cap, and I’m not a Cubs fan. But now when I wear the cap and someone sees the “C” on my cap and asks me if I’m a Cubs fan, I say, “No, I’m a Conservative.”

I’m a stickler for definitions because we need them to understand each other. Conservatism is a philosophy that advocates tradition and social stability. The word derives from the Latin word “conservare” which means to preserve. We conservatives are not against change, but we resist rapid, sweeping changes.

There are many “colors” of Conservatism. I’m a Constitutional Conservative and also a social, fiscal, political and governmental Conservative. I disagree with Liberals and Progressives who generally want larger government, more governmental programs, and greater control of our individual lives.

Of course, there is individual variation in Liberalism, as in Conservatism. But the modern Liberal philosophy known as Progressivism advocates the so-called “living wage,” through income redistribution. And they promote an interpretation of the Constitution as a “living,” evolving document. As a Constitutional Conservative, I favor the amendment process rather than judicial interpretation of the Founders’ original thoughts.

Leftists have extreme anti-American ideology and are oil and water with a Conservative like me. They are intolerant of ideas and speech with which they disagree, and they promote Marxist and racial class warfare. Leftists reject biology and believe that gender is what you feel. Consequently, they support gender reassignment surgery, even on children. They also advocate abortion up to the time of birth. And leftists like George Soros champion open borders and “world citizenry.”

The backlash to Biden’s Progressive Democrat policies was inevitable. Illegal aliens now have more rights than Americans. They fly without identification. It’s not Delta Airlines Sky Club, but airports have special areas where aliens wait for flights as Feds fly them all over the country. Is this not the definition of human trafficking? Has Biden and his minions considered how we are to feed, house and provide free medical care – if not sex change operations in California – for the 12 million aliens he shepherded into the US?

And then these aliens complain about the food they are given and flip us the bird after beating up New York City cops. In Maryland, there’s a proposal to let only illegal aliens vote in local school board elections. Are we now to treat them as super “citizens”? And we’re supposed to refer to them as migrants, not illegal aliens which, by definition, they are.

I am not a nativist and actually believe many illegals are hard-working, decent people, perhaps more deserving than Americans who feel entitled or deserving of reparations. Of course, we should not turn our backs on the needy or judge all migrants because of the lawless. Americans are more giving than any other country. But I wonder if Americans in sanctuary cities still welcome aliens as money and services are diverted to care for those who are in their communities after first breaking our laws.

In Knoxville we are largely spared the crime of Democrat sanctuary cities, but not immune to crime as evidenced by the shooting death of an area deputy by a career criminal and drug pusher. I recently read that there are 30 gangs and up to 1500 gang members in Knox County. The days of unlocked doors have been replaced by wary citizens, security systems and armed citizenry.

We are supposedly a country of laws. But is that true any longer? We await the decision of the Supremes regarding the removal of President Trump from the 2024 ballot because he allegedly promoted insurrection. That is a Democrat lie. Trump was never charged or found guilty of insurrection. I listened to his January 6 speech and he asked his supporters to march peacefully and be respectful of the police. Where has the notion of innocent until proven guilty gone?

And we should be worried because Trump’s fate and ours rest with an institution that once held that Dred Scott was subhuman and not entitled to liberty or basic human rights. Will the Roberts’ court precipitate a civil war as did the Taney court in 1857 with their infamous decision?

A friend recently said she objects to Donald Trump’s sometimes boorish behavior. Well, so do I. President Trump is from Queens, NYC, the same area as Archie Bunker. New Yorkers do not have the genteel personality and southern grace of my wife Becky, who pointed out that there is a “difference between personality and character.”

I might wish Trump were more circumspect in his comments. But I have not been subjected to the lies and scurrilous attacks he has endured since 2015; attacks designed to put him in prison and ruin him financially. Nor have my family and friends been attacked by Democrat lawfare, the Deep State and the media. I don’t believe I would be genteel when responding to such wicked people. Would you?

So I asked my friend, “Give me an alternative to 45.” Biden is demented and pitiable, but no longer presidential – if he ever was – and his minions are intent on destroying the country. Kamala is a cackling joke. I am opposed to the “male Karen,” Gavin Newsom, doing to America what he’s done to California. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a decent but very liberal guy and is not supported by his own Democrat party. I just hope he is not attacked like his brother and father since Mayorkas and Biden denied him Secret Service protection. And that leaves Nikki Haley who, like RFK, is not supported by her own party and unelectable.

So, there you have it. Sometimes the best choice is the lesser of choices you don’t like. That is life. Get over your hatred and vote for a competent Trump with indelicate tweets, rather than an incompetent Biden with dementia and criminal baggage. Do the right thing and save your children’s future.