By Joe Rector

As of a few days ago, Elizabeth Warren ended her bid to become the Democratic nominee for president. Except for Tulsi Gabbard, who hangs on with a whopping 1 delegate won from the primary in America Samoa, the surviving candidates are two old white men, one 77 and the other 78. The complaining has already begun, but is all the carping baseless? The simple answer is yes.

The Democratic field began with 28 individuals, a couple that even I didn’t know existed. It was a diverse group comprised of both sexes, several races, and a wide range of political views. Some were conservative, and others were more liberal than the country has ever seen.

The field narrowed as money issues and name recognition took their tolls. Some candidates never hit markers for appearing on the debate stage and realized that their chances of going the distance was improbable. Primary caucuses and elections further cut the field, but as I said, the result to this process is that plenty of objections are being raised.

The simple fact is that two old white men are left standing by virtue of the will of the people. This democracy is oftentimes messy, but it still works, in spite of Russia’s attempts to corrupt it. Going into Super Tuesday, the pundits had determined that Sanders would be the big winner, and the only question was whether his lead would be so large that no one could derail his campaign to becoming the Democratic candidate. The resurrection of the Biden campaign changed that. Now it’s a two-man race.

I agree that the times demand that new candidates arise. We need a new group of leaders to guide the country. Those individuals should be diverse; they should be younger than the men who are running; and they should be filled with new ideas of how to make this democracy and the world better.

What stood in the way of that happening this time? It simply was the will of the people. The voters on Super Tuesday and in elections before narrowed the field by their votes. What they said clearly was that the best candidates for this election are the two men remaining. How else can the lopsided results be explained? Democrats see that one of these two men will be the best person to run against and defeat the sitting president.

If supporters of other candidates don’t agree with that analysis, then they should make sure their choices are selected the next time. However, the whining about old white men leading the party is a pitiful cry of sore losers. Those who are upset should remember that we still have majority rule in our elections, at least until the general election when the electoral college enters.

I call upon the younger generations to develop candidates with the experience to run the country and then to build a following that will propel those men or women into the White House. Some such individuals were running this time and only need a bit more seasoning. I would love to see that happen before my time on this earth is finished.

Until young folks present us new leaders, I ask them not to complain about old white men running the country. Do the work necessary to put yourselves in charge and my generation into retirement. Remember that nothing is free; those things you most cherish often require labor and devotion. Make them happen.