On Almost Everything, Follow The Money

By John J. Duncan Jr.



Almost everything the federal government does can be traced back to a very old saying: “Follow the money.”

According to Wikipedia, the saying was popularized almost 50 years ago in a docudrama film called “All The President’s Men,” but it has probably always been true and even more so today.

It certainly is true of the many millions paid to the Biden Crime Family, with money being laundered through at least 20 “shell” companies and payments being made to nine different family members, including grandchildren.

All this was being done to hide this money from the public and even from the IRS. And what makes all this even worse is that the coverup was aided and abetted by most of the national media and U.S. Attorney David Weiss.

The media put President Biden into office by allowing him to hide in his basement during the campaign and has continued to protect him – first, by refusing to cover the scandal, and then, second, by giving it very minimal coverage or downplaying it altogether.

David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney assigned to the Hunter Biden case, worked closely with Beau Biden when Biden was the Delaware Attorney General, and Weiss even had one of Hunter Biden’s closest friends, Alexander Mackler, on his staff during part of the investigation of Hunter.

Even worse, Weiss who first became Acting U.S. Attorney under President Obama and then was recommended by Delaware’s two Democrat senators, slow-walked the Hunter Biden investigation and let the statute run out on felonies concerning his 2014 and 2015 taxes.

Then Weiss tried to give Hunter Biden such a sweetheart deal that the judge wouldn’t accept it, something which she had probably never done before. It is almost a cruel joke on the American people that Attorney General Merrick Garland would appoint Weiss as Special Counsel to further investigate these cases.

Follow the money also applies to the Covid vaccine. At least nine people became new billionaires after their companies led the most massive lobbying and public relations campaign in world history to get U.S. taxpayers to pay for a very ineffective, often harmful vaccine.

Big Pharma got the media to induce a worldwide panic to a flu-like virus that was no threat to those under 21 and very little threat to those under 65.

Our CDC said at one point that 94% of the so-called Covid deaths were people who had co-morbidities like pneumonia, heart failure, diabetes, strokes, or simple old age that were probably the actual cause of death.

In the 1957-58 flu season, there was an outbreak of what was called Asian Flu. Worldwide population then was about 60% of what it is now. Statistics were not as accurate then, and worldwide deaths were estimated at one to four million. This means that proportionally that flu was as bad or maybe even worse than Covid.

In the U.S., no schools were closed then and no local governments ordered hundreds of thousands of small businesses to shut down. Most people who had Covid had very light cases and simply used the virus as an excuse to stay home. Country club memberships reached record highs all over the nation as people were supposedly “working at home”.

Follow the money applies, too, to the war in Ukraine. American taxpayers have already spent $113 BILLION on this war, and President Biden has asked for $24 BILLION more. He has also said we will continue doing this “as long as it takes,” whatever that means.

Last December, the four largest U.S. defense contractors – Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Pratt & Whitney – all joined in hosting a lavish party for the Ukrainian Ambassador and Defense Attache.

For many years, defense contractors – large and small – have hired very many retiring admirals and generals. It has been called the revolving door at the Pentagon. Especially over the last 50 or 60 years, our wars have been far more about money and power than about any real threat to the U.S.

If you doubt this, look up the Roosevelt Group in Washington, D.C., and the huge number of retired admirals and generals on their “team”. They hire these people to lobby their former pals and buddies still at the Pentagon. These defense contracts are the most lucrative in the world.

The Defense Department today is a gigantic bureaucracy that will always exaggerate any threat so they can get more money, and they know both parties are afraid to appear unpatriotic by voting against the troops.

What is really crazy about this war though, is that it is being financed in large part by American money. Despite a U.S. ban on buying oil directly from Russia, the New York Times reported in late June: “But both the United States and the European Union continue to buy Russian oil that has been refined in other countries into gasoline, fuel oil, and other products.”