One and done

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Well, it’s finally gone. In a recent essay, I wrote that Becky and I like snow. And we do, but not the stuff that seemingly lasts forever. I enjoy winter weather through the Christmas holidays, a crackling fire, and Christmas music. And then a good snow. After that, it’s “one and done” for me, and I’m ready for spring.

This latest snowstorm was unusual because we got 9 inches at our home in the UT hospital area, whereas friends in Sevier County received none. Measuring the snow bank off our porch brought back memories of the “blizzard of ‘93” when power lines went down as trees collapsed under heavy snowfall and high winds. We lost power and water because the submersible pump in our well doesn’t work without TVA “juice.” And I learned that it takes 5 buckets of snow melted over the fire to flush one toilet.

TVA reported record power usage with this latest storm, where temperatures dipped to -6°F on our farm. However, this was nothing by comparison to winter’s blast of -26°F in ‘85 when Knoxville had the lowest temperature of the lower 48 states. As I penned these reminisces, I thought to myself, “I have crossed over,” because I sound like the stories my grandfather used to tell of his yesteryears.

I have learned from past storms and plan accordingly. We now have a backup generator and we lay in provisions from Kroger. And since I have a truck with 4-wheel drive we are never stranded. Actually, I enjoy the quietness of snow which dampens sound and slows the world down.  And I love how “light” the nighttime landscape appears due to reflected light from the blanket of snowy white. I say all this since I’m retired and have fewer responsibilities. I no longer have to slog to the ER. I can sit by the fire and reflect.

But enough is enough, and after several days we were glad to get out for church. One factor that led to the destruction of my Methodist church was Covid and the closure of live worship services. As we now know, closures, masks and social distancing were ineffective and led to generational harm. Becky and I were already displeased with the increasingly liberal-progressive slant of Methodism, but prolonged closure of worship service was the nail in the coffin for us. There is no substitute for being in worship service and lustingly singing praise of the Lord with fellow Christians. We found a new church home which was open during Covid, and have never looked back.

The chill of winter has been “warmed” a bit by the Republican presidential primary drama. However, the primary is now essentially over after President Trump’s victories and the withdrawal of his competitors except Nikki Haley. Her only hope now is a political “Hail Mary.”

The Democrat primary has always been irrelevant after the shunning of Robert Kennedy by the Democrat Party, the grandstanding candidacy of Dean Phillips and the perennial attention seeking candidates: Marianne Williamson, Cornel West and Gloria Stein. Biden won in Iowa and in New Hampshire as a write-in candidate. I still read stories that Joe Manchin may declare as a “third-party” candidate, but even former President Theodore Roosevelt could not win as a Bull Moose candidate in 1912.

I certainly will not vote for the disastrous Biden or a Democrat because there are no Democrats left. They are all progressives with the possible exception of Harold Ford Jr. At this stage of the race, I am for anyone who can defeat Biden and “Democrats.” And the best option is Donald Trump. Get over your irrational hatred! To paraphrase Jesus, unless you are without sin, you have no right to be casting stones.

President Trump was better for the economy, the border, energy, crime, national security and the country. You don’t have to feel warm and fuzzy about Trump. You need to vote pragmatically for your own benefit, your children’s and the country’s. And quite honestly, I’m for Trump because the World Economic Forum, NATO, the military-industrial complex, globalists, the media, the swamp, Democrats and RINOs don’t want him reelected.

The Davos “Illuminati” were back in Switzerland last week enjoying the snow, hobnobbing, eating caviar, swilling champagne and partaking of the services from ladies of the night who, like the elitists, were flown in on jets without concerns for carbon footprints. I reject the notion that Klaus Schwab and the preening, virtue signaling Davos elites know what’s best for me.

Did you see the clip of the Amazonian shaman who was flown in to ritualistically cough on the heads of a Davos panel of experts? Where was Fauci to demand masks and social distancing? Oh sorry; that’s passé now. Actually, I think the sun is the principal driving force of our climate, and I consider CO2 “the gas of life” (Dr. Willie Soon). Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen are the elements of life.

Neither the dummkopf Democrats, Davos dips or the DEI shill and drag queen CEO of United Airlines speaks for me. In some ways it is regrettable that I have lost all confidence in government leaders and institutions (FBI, CIA, etc.), the media, academia (Harvard, etc.) and even once revered hospital systems like John Hopkins. But on the other hand, I realize that reform cannot occur unless the mistakes are recognized. I am a sinner, but I believe in the forgiveness of a contrite heart. Grace is sufficient and available for Ferguson, Trump, and even Joe Biden and his “wise-cracking” son, Hunter.

What scares me are the one-third of the electorate who will vote for the demented, destructive Biden. I marvel at the faces of people shown sitting behind iPOTUS and rapturously applauding his lies and word salad. And I’m fearful of corporate shills and the globalists of Davos who promote digital IDs, DEI, digital banking and social credit scores (as in China) to control us.

It is no longer necessary for governments to control the means of production (as in socialism and communism) because they now control the people who control the means of production. Information is also under the dictates of those who purport to shield us from “misinformation.” Censors and fact-checkers are examples but are just arbiters of their facts. Tucker Carlson, President Trump and others threaten the information flow and the power of elites, so they must be silenced.

Make no mistake, folks. Unless we make Biden “one and done” in November, America is done.