By Dr. Jim Ferguson

In 312 AD the world changed, and many remain unaware. In October of that year a momentous battle occurred at the Milvian Bridge on the Tiber River in Italy. The formidable army of Roman General Maxentius was in control of the walled city of Rome. He was opposed by the smaller army of Roman General Constantine, but surprisingly Maxentius left his fortress and met Constantine at Milvian Bridge.

The narrow crossing prevented Maxentius from effectively using his larger forces and Constantine won a decisive battle and became emperor of Roman. Before the battle, Constantine was said to have seen a cross in the sky which caused him to place crosses on the shields of his men marching into battle. Constantine would soon convert to Chritianity and ultimately make it the official religion of the Roman Empire. Historian Will Durant would write, “Christ conquered Caesar.”  It just took three hundred years.

Why is this relevant today? History repeats itself and we find ourselves in a similar civil war fighting those who would destroy our country. We can sit back no longer. It’s time for the Silent Majority to SPEAK UP and oppose the radical agenda proposed by Joe Biden’s leftist handlers. We must PUSH BACK and insist Biden leave his basement fortress formed with the media’s protective walls. President Trump, in his July 3rd speech from Mt. Rushmore, said, “… No person who remains quiet at the destruction of this resplendent heritage can possibly lead us to a better future.”

Becky and I thought a lot about what we can do and now we propose our 20/20 Project. President Trump needs an army of Patriots to support his efforts. To date, our Congressional representatives’ silence has been deafening. The 20/20 Project purpose is to kindle a tremendous PUSHBACK with citizens and in Congress. But the latter cannot happen unless Congress hears from us.

One voice is a whisper. Multiple voices “speak” volumes. Be courageous! CALL your US Representative and Senators. Below are 20 helpful hints. Tell Congress to take a stand and choose America instead of anarchy & progressive socialism. (If you are uncomfortable talking directly, call at night and leave a message.)

Most successful movements begin with the efforts of a few. Be a Patriot! Along with calling Congress, please share these thoughts with 20 of your friends. If we all follow through and immediately call Washington DC, in just six days Congress will hear from 64,000,000 (that’s million) Patriots!

Remember –

“Freedom Is Not Free” but the cost of tyranny is staggering.

These are our thoughts and suggestions for citizens and to embolden Congress:

  1. If you don’t know your US Representative or Senators contact numbers, Google it. We didn’t include them because we pray this challenge goes to all 50 states.
  2. Plan ahead what you want to say; write it down. Keep it simple. Even as simple as saying this is your 1st time to call, but you felt it was important to let your senators and representative hear your voice.
  3. If you don’t know your representative’s position on a subject, ASK! That, in itself, is a great way to start a conversation.
  4. Another example: “I’m calling because I can no longer remain silent. I want to voice my support of the Rule of Law and President Trump. I would like to see my Representative support the rule of law in public, rather than just speaking to the empty seats in Congressional Chambers. Encourage them to organize a group of Congressmen and women on the Congressional steps and voice support of the PUSHBACK AGAINST LAWLESSNESS AND ANARCHY!
  5. Inform your senator or representative that your voice is not being reflected in Congressional inaction. Tell them as we approach the November election, we are watching and listening.
  6. Call in the evening and leave a message if you would rather not talk directly to a person.
  7. Remember, We the People elect and charge our representatives “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty.” They are our representatives who serve at our discretion.
  8. Recognize that most “news” reporting is politicized. Therefore, read a spectrum of reports, then sift “news” through your experience, common sense and conscience.
  9. Go online and take the US Citizenship test. Can you pass it? Ask your elected officials if they value the importance of learning, teaching actual American history instead of the New York Times’ 1619 Project.
  10. Read the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. You will be inspired.
  11. Speak the truth in Love. We have never had an unpleasant interaction with a Senator’s or Representative’s office.
  12. Respectfully & courageously, ask people you hear parroting talking points to explain their words & ask for examples to support their statements.
  13. Sometimes you must agree to disagree with someone. This shows true tolerance.
  14. We must Choose America instead of mobs, Antifa, Marxist Black Lives Matter and the progressive socialism adopted by the Democrat party.
  15. Develop an “elevator talk” using a few simple phrases supporting your position enabling you to respond to a friend or a stranger. Write down and memorize a few position points.
  16. America is in a new Civil War, one of opposing ideas. If we lose this war, we lose our country. Tell others and tell Congress!
  17. Express your concern that we are losing our future. The education system has been hijacked and has become an institution of indoctrination and more entitlement driven than empowerment driven.
  18. Virtue and Decency are the foundations of a successful life and country. Use these attributes and live the four cardinal virtues of courage, commonsense, justice & moderation.
  19. Watch any of Carol Swain’s PragerU 5-minute videos. Research this AMAZING person. You will be INSPIRED.
  20. More inspiration can be found by reading or watching President Trump’s July 3rd speech from Mt. Rushmore. Amazing!