Our Gutless Politicians

By Dr. Harold A. Black




I am at a loss as to why there is virtually no pushback from Republican legislators on Biden’s quest to electrify the planet. Thus far only John Kennedy of Louisiana has taken any action – albeit a futile one. Senator Kennedy, in objecting to the halt of new approvals of liquid gas exports, has vowed not to let any nominations for positions at the State Department and the Department of Energy. Whoopie! Thus far, Biden is ignoring Kennedy. Why can’t the senator do something more forceful is beyond me.

Then there is the new mandate from the EPA that will effectively ban automobile internal combustion engines starting in 2032. Alert! That is only eight years away. The new rule requires that 70% of new vehicles be either electric or hybrid. Clearly, the market has shown that EVs are not ready for prime time and the only way that the public can be forced to buy EVs is to limit the production of gas and diesel vehicles. The public be damned. I have yet to hear the Republicans confront this latest attack on American industry and the American public. Right now the public has shown that the current production of EVs has outstripped the demand for the vehicles. EVs sit languishing on dealer lots. Manufacturers have scaled back production and continue to lose billions. Some startups are near bankruptcy. An ad for the Ford Lightning offered $15,000 in incentives. However, the Lightning is a vanity pickup. It cannot haul or tow nearly the loads of the gas truck and its range is compromised when it tries to haul or tow. Then it is $17,000 more for an inferior product.

That the EPA would issue its rules now was a surprise. I thought they would wait until after the election because the rule should cost Biden Michigan. Although the Michigan Republican party is in disarray, the automobile industry is the main industry in the state. The EPA mandate will shrink the number of automobile workers and shutter all those companies that produce parts for the industry. Automobile workers and ordinary citizens should now vote for Biden.

Then there is the problem of power generation. Our electric grid is not ready and will not be ready to handle 10 million new EVs (assuming that the rule is implemented). Consider that New York now has less than 2,000 chargers for EVs. In 2032 it will need 40,000. What about the demands on the grid? Currently, California and other states are experiencing more brown outs and black outs due to the unreliability of solar and wind. What happens as coal and natural gas are phased out? Remember when California was asking residents to curtail the charging of EVs due to the strain on the grid? Then too the EPA is issuing rules that will shut down many power plants due to carbon emissions. This will make things worse. New transformers, cables, relay stations and infrastructure will be needed and will not be ready by 2032. Also, all of this comes at a higher cost. What about the burden on the poor?

I’ve written before about the environmental damage that comes from the mining of the minerals used in EV battery production. I’ve also written about the impact of wind and solar on animals, birds and ocean wildlife. I’ve also written that China is the main beneficiary of Biden’s rules. Again, was Hunter on the Chinese payroll too?

EVs are too expensive for the majority of car buyers. Used EVs sell poorly because of their limited range, cost of charging, cost of insurance and battery replacement. The only way to get to the 70% number is to eliminate the tariff on cheap Chinese EVs. BYD, the largest Chinese EV manufacturer, has announced it is building a plant in Mexico. Trump has said that he will hit BYD with a 100% tariff. But Trump will be around only four years if he is elected. BYD can wait.

Again, the Republican senators and representatives are doing nothing to stop this onslaught of rules and regulations that will severely damage the economy as well as the environment. I hate to call them gutless. But if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck……