By Ralphine Major

It was a beautiful fall evening when we arrived.  By the time customers started coming for the book signing, a terrible storm had descended on Knoxville.  Wayne and I were honored to be among the authors of Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. and other authors around the region invited by Barnes & Noble for a book signing hosted by Community Business Development Manager, Amanda Goodwin Smith.

Focus photographer Dan Andrews braved the bad storm and showed up with his camera just as Don Hughes stopped by.  Don is a greeter at Wallace Memorial Baptist Church.  On this night, he was wearing a Tennessee orange shirt and looked as though he was getting a head start cheering the VOLS to victory against the Georgia Bulldogs the next day.

Dan also captured on film two of the youngest Piddle Diddle fans who came by our table where we were signing copies of our book, “Piddle Diddle’s Lost Hat.”  Max and Maci Mullins came with their grandparents, Roy and Joyce Mullins.  Joyce was Wayne’s first grade teacher at Gibbs Elementary School.  Roy was my chemistry teacher and assistant principal at Gibbs High School—many years ago!

What an exciting, yet humbling, time as we visited with many of our former teachers, fellow church members, other customers and authors we met who ventured out on a stormy Friday night in West Knoxville.  It was a very special evening, and we thank everyone who came and supported us!