By Dr. Jim Ferguson

“Let’s get”…political. Things are a mess and no rational person can deny it. Some people tell me I’m a fool to speak out against what’s happening in our country, since doing so will anger the illiberal crowd. “Liberalism” professes to welcome diverse opinions, but modern illiberalism doesn’t. Case in point is the recent terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, provoked when people gathered to draw pictures of Mahammad. While I don’t identify with those that denigrate another’s religion or lampoon its prophets or tenants, I am foremost a champion of the First Amendment. Freedom of speech is just that: freedom to speak (or draw). And a society that stifles language, thought or expression is tyranny.

Now, I am not espousing unbridled freedom such as to yell, “Fire!” in a crowded movie theater, but there are those who say that the people at the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo got what they deserved, and similar comments are now being made on NBC and CNN regarding the attack in Texas. Wake up America! Islam and ISIS are illiberal and intolerant of anyone with differing views. And you must stand against “school-yard bullies.”

What is “hate speech” and who makes that determination? In law hate speech is defined as speech that is forbidden because it incites violence or prejudice against a protected individual or group (paraphrased from Wikipedia). I don’t hear the term used to describe the murderous attacks on Christians worldwide or the disparaging of Christianity and my Lord in America. I guess we Christians aren’t a “protected” group.  Anyway, those pesky Methodists are just getting what they deserve as they stand up for their faith.

Perhaps it’s better to just “go along to get along.” Maybe I should just preach pabulum, and kowtow to the illiberal crowd who tells me to sit down and shut up. Others tell me that I’m just wasting my time because the country is already lost. However, some battles must be fought even if they are a losing cause. Principles and striving for excellence are what defines a life.

Recently, the media have tried to define the “Obama doctrine.” However, since a recent poll of the media reveals that 95% of them vote Democrat, it’s not surprising that they are having a hard time putting a spin on a total failure of policy and leadership. A friend recently challenged me with her definition of our erstwhile leader’s doctrines. She shepherds a number of legal refugees and has been trying for five months to help them get Obamacare. Her observation is that the people at the exchanges have been well trained to show sympathy and feeling, and frequently apologize for problems people are having. Unfortunately, there is never any action taken to correct the problems.

My friend’s observations caused me to consider similar patterns in my day to day dealings with drug stores, insurance companies and recently with AAA. I purchased emergency roadside service for my wife through AAA so that she wouldn’t be stranded on the road and in danger. Recently, we returned to the Nashville airport at midnight having been bumped from our flight. Our plan was to keep each other awake and drive home. Unfortunately, we found a flat on her car, so we called AAA for emergency roadside service. A sympathetic lady promised us emergency service, but after several calls and an hour and a half on the roadside, I changed the tire. When we got home we spoke with another nice lady who also apologized and said they would look into AAA’s inability to fulfill their contract with us. I’m not holding my breath for any action.

I am a southerner, a conservative and a Christian. I believe in courtesy, the Constitution, and measured speech even when I’m wronged. Unfortunately, many believe that I’m a racist, a homophobe and a bigot because of my principles regarding abortion and marriage. Illiberalism shouts down dissenting opinions. I guess they believe the statutes (laws) of man trump the “unalienable rights” of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” which come from the Creator.

A polemic is an argument against a perspective, whereas apologetics is an argument for something. You could say this polemical essay is oppositional to “Obama’s doctrines” and fifty years of liberal-progressive policies that are full of feeling/emotion and apologies rather than substance/fact and corrective action. The failed policies of liberal-progressives who masquerade as Democrats (Truman and Kennedy Democrats no longer exist) reached their acme with Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton.

The fabric of our nation is disintegrating before our eyes. We’ve all seen it, but few will say the “emperor has no clothes” for fear of being labeled a racist or a sexist. Lying and cheating have become the new norm like the redefinition of marriage, though only 3% of the population identify themselves as gay. Yes, you read that correctly; it’s not 30% as millennials believe or even 10% old medical textbooks quote. And now the Supreme Court (instead of Webster) will redefine the term. How interesting that Justice Alito during oral arguments asked, why four lawyers shouldn’t marry? And if marriage is redefined, what if I want to “marry” my goat?

“A long time ago in a [country] far, far away,” a president was impeached for hindering the investigation of a third rate political burglary. Now it doesn’t matter that you impede the investigation of a consulate attack where an ambassador is murdered, pedal influence while part of the State Department or delete 30,000 potentially damning emails. And I can’t understand why Obama says he finds out about abuses at the VA or the IRS from the media, and yet trusts our intelligence services to let him know when Iran will get a nuclear weapon. These same “gub’nent” agents told us there were WMDs in Iraq.

How can you fix the mess if you can’t speak of it without being called a bigot? No one is allowed to criticize Obama’s policies because he’s black. Now, the liberal-progressives champion Hillary Clinton and have begun to say you can’t criticize a woman. And in future presidential cycles – if there are any – they’ll play the Hispanic card.

Mrs. Clinton once infamously asked, “What difference does it make?” Well I believe it does! Why can’t fellow citizens see the charade?