“To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.”

Thomas Paine

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

A friend of mine recently asked me when will reality set in for Biden voters? I told him hatred will not allow such a reasoned conclusion. Insanity is never acknowledged by the insane.

I’m a fan of classic Christmas movies. The newer cable offerings are usually pathetic. We even found one directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m sure “The Terminator” (character) would have done a better job than the former Governor of California, aka “girly man.”

Among the dozen or so classics we watch each year is Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring Jimmy Stewart. You’d have to be “off your nut,” as protagonist George Bailey proclaimed in the movie, to be unfamiliar with this story of Christmas redemption and contrasting realities of the idyllic Bedford Falls and the dystopian Pottersville.

What if Donald Trump had never been born or elected president? Hillary Clinton would have continued Obama’s “third term” of failed economic policies and we would not have seen tax cuts with a record, booming, pre-pandemic economy. Trump’s wall would not have been built and millions more illegal aliens would have flooded the country. The ISIS caliphate would not have been defeated, nor would historic Middle East peace deals have been signed. The neocon Clinton might have started another war as she did in Libya because Trump would not have been there to say no to endless foreign wars. And we would still be hostage to the Middle East because we would not have energy independence.

Trump’s energy, magnetism and policy zeal to “Make America Great Again” would never have happened. It is astounding that MAGA triggers leftists, the deep state, socialists, the media and DINOs (Democrats in Name Only because the modern-day version are just progressive socialists). Imagine a decimated military in the age of Chinese hegemony. Imagine an additional 300 progressive Federal judges and three more Supreme Court uber liberals. Imagine the 500,000 new American manufacturing jobs that would never have occurred because Obama said these were gone forever. Imagine no executive orders eliminating onerous regulations, and Trump not there to challenge China, the Tech-Lords of Silicon Valley and the Washington status quo. Imagine if there was no Trump to espouse pro-life perspectives and push back against a Democrat party which advocates abortion on demand. And if Trump had never been president, does anyone believe we would be vaccinating millions against Covid-19 as a result of Operation Warp Speed? Trumpism is a stark contrast to Democrat-progressive-socialists, Joe Biden and the Washington elites like Lamar, Romney and Pelosi.

As 2020 ends, the vision of Bedford Falls is under assault. There have been many casualties of dreadful 2020. The two casualties which stand out for me are the coronavirus pandemic and the fraudulent election. So much stems from these two, including lockdowns while Democrat elites’ wine and dine, a destroyed economy, loss of freedoms once guaranteed by the First Amendment, and the loss of what residual trust we had in the media, Congress, the FBI, the Justice Department and the entire election process.

Handshakes are even gone in 2020 along with Southern hugs. Our faces are hidden behind masks eliminating friendly smiles and muffling the spoken word. You no longer see your doctor if you’re sick. The protocol now is a referral to a stranger at a Covid-19 clinic. What a medical perversion. Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick’’ (Luke 5:31). If you’re sick, good luck seeing your doctor in Pottersville.

In Pottersville “woke” ideology, secularism and post-Christian apostasy are operative. The progressives in my United Methodist Church have renounced John Wesley’s Quadrilateral creating the now Divided Methodist Church. John Wesley founded Methodism on foundational principles which can be imagined as a three-legged stool. Philosophically and theologically, Methodism “sits” on scripture with the stool’s legs being reason, experience and tradition. Progressives have toppled my church. Similarly, we no longer live in The United States of America, but the DSA (divided states of America).

In today’s Pottersville, the media elites of Time magazine select Joe Biden and Kommie Harris as persons of the year instead of pandemic doctors, nurses and first responders or the police who oppose the anarchists of Antifa, BLM and the societal dregs looting and burning cities. In the proverbial “Bedford Falls,” the 2020 Gallup poll selected Donald Trump as the most admired man in America.

Calumny is the “false accusation of crime, misconduct, or defect, knowingly or maliciously made or reported, to the injury of another.” Calumny has become the weapon of the media (CNN, NYT, etc.) and the Democrat leadership like Pelosi and Eric Swalwell, who lied about President Trump for years. And Swalwell was recently discovered to have dated a Chinese spy, yet he still sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

The disconnected and gullible public, along with the calumny of Pottersville’s establishment, destroyed President Trump. Even the Supremes (John Roberts) are intimidated by the threat of leftist riots, abandoning their oath to the Constitution and prostituting themselves before the “woke” mob.

There was Democrat optimism when Obama was elected in 2008. Similarly, populists and conservatives like me were elated when Trump was elected over the truly “deplorable” Hillary Clinton in 2016. However, I sense no elation of leftists, deep staters or even Democrats over the fraudulent election of Joe Biden, whose “darkest days ahead” comment harkens to his Pottersvillian visage.

For four years President Trump accomplished much for America despite the Democrat’s “resistance” and calumnies. I do not accept their Pottersville. Nor will I accept their puppet of China, the tyranny of Silicon Valley Tech-Lords, the opinions of media fools or the elites of Washington and East/West Coast toadies.

Join me and 74 million other “George Baileys” in resistance saying NO! to their dystopian Pottersville. It is time for the counter-revolution.