President’s Daze

President Trump secured the border without a border deal.

Senator Tim Scott

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

There’s not much to commend about February, except that it’s short. However, this is Leap Year, and we must endure an additional day of this drab month to balance the calendar. Because the earth takes 365¼ days to circle the sun, we have to add an additional day to the calendar every four years. February does have Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents’ Day, but little else to commend it.

We once had two other notable days in February because we “celebrated” George Washington’s birthday on February 22 and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on February 12. But these two extraordinary presidents were lumped in with all the others in 1971 when Congress declared Presidents’ Day as the 3rd Monday of February. Brilliant! Now, our two most notable presidents don’t even rate the recognition that each of us gets with our own birthday.

Since I’m no longer a kid and have experienced 72 birthdays, I’m not big on something I didn’t earn. In antiquity, birthdays were noted far less than someone’s death, which was a time to recognize accomplishments – at least the accomplishments of notables. We moderns have adopted this concept with “celebration of life” services. Of course the deceased is not there to hear the kind words spoken of their life – unless they’re listening from Heaven. But that’s OK; funerals are for the living.

However, I offer the following sidebar. When I published my first novel, we had a book signing at our church’s outdoor pavilion. It was a beautiful fall afternoon and I was shocked by all the friends, patients, church members and family who came, not because they liked science fiction, but because they appreciated me. On reflection, I told Becky it was like attending a celebration of life service before I was gone!

I love and collect quotes. And I love pithy memes. A friend sent me a meme with an image of President Trump captioned “Make America Great Again.” But above that was Abraham Lincoln and “Make America Great.” Above that was George Washington and “Make America.” My friend’s only comment was that the meme should have depicted God above all of them with the caption, “Make.”

Do we expect heroes any longer? When I was a kid there was the aphorism about growing up to be president. Does anyone have this wish now? As our local election approaches, I am pondering what makes people run for elected office. I admire people who step up, just as I always thank the servicemen, police and firemen for their service.

By definition, presidents are flawed human beings, but some are more flawed than others. I’m reluctant to quote Obama regarding Joe Biden, but he said, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to ‘eff’ things up.” And I cringe to use the codified euphemism for the scatological “F” word. Nonetheless, I no longer doubt Obama’s first-hand observations of Biden. But remember, it was Obama who told Putin’s puppet president Medvedev to be patient, he would be more flexible on missile defense after the election. Folks, that’s real impeachment fodder, not Hillary’s fake Russian collusion dossier or President Trump’s Ukrainian phone call.

The axiom is that all politicians lie. However, Joe Biden lies about everything all the time, but maybe he’s just in a daze. Yes, he is demented, but he was dishonest and spinning his yarns long before he became mentally impaired.

The South Carolina Republican primary was February 24th and a foregone conclusion. Swampy RINOs still hope President Trump will be destroyed by the Democrats, who made their 2024 primaries irreverent. We should “thank” South Carolina Democrat James Clyburn for delivering the Black vote to Biden in 2020 and saving the Democrat Party from socialist Bernie Sanders. And the nation still suffers from Clyburn’s intervention.

There are now two Americas, just as there were in the mid-19th century which led to the Civil War. I’ve recently written about Jon Meacham’s biography of Abraham Lincoln. Sometimes an event or perhaps a book opens your eyes and clarifies a complicated situation. Meacham’s book did so for me. The issue in Lincoln’s time was slavery. The issues today are multiple including the border invasion and crime, the economy and the national debt, the weaponization of the justice system and the loss of trust in government institutions like the FBI. I could go on, but Meacham’s book showed me the remarkable similarities between Presidents Lincoln and Trump and their struggle against Democrats.

In Lincoln’s day Democrats believed slavery was Biblically ordained and the basis of their power structure and way of life. The slave states wanted to spread slavery throughout the vast territories of the American West. Today, Democrats want illegal invasion to maintain and expand their power. To date, Biden has caused 7.2 million illegals to enter the US on his watch. The Democrats want these people on their government plantation to increase their census-derived constituency numbers, Congressional representation and to vote for Democrat largess. Make no mistake, illegals will be voting this November. Democrats will see to it.

Irreconcilable differences existed between slave states run by Democrats and Union abolitionists. Not only was Lincoln fighting the Confederacy, he also had to contend with the Copperheads, anti-abolitionist northern Democrats. President Trump contends with Democrats, the mainstream and social media, the Deep State, RINOs and the weaponized justice system. Democrat John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln. And Democrats are trying to destroy President Trump.

I rarely watch debates or political town halls. They are especially irrelevant in this presidential contest because we know the policies and records of President Trump and Biden (the border, the economy, etc.).

However, I briefly watched Laura Ingraham’s town hall to assess how Trump was holding up. He appeared vigorous, poised, articulate and in command of his faculties and all the issues before our country. Frankly, the 77-year-old Trump is more vigorous than me. The contrast with the 81-year-old Biden is striking. Biden can hardly read a teleprompter, often speaks in gibberish, stumbles and falls and is cognitively impaired. Yet Dr. Jill and his handlers put him out there for reelection. My secondary medical boards were in Geriatrics. I know elder abuse when I see it.

My modification of the Boy Scout Pledge goes, “Do your best and your duty for God, country and those you love.” America needs a vigorous leader.