“Liberals claim to want to give you a hearing to other points of view and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view.”

William F. Buckley

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

I find myself confused in these troublesome times and worry about my children and grandchildren. I ask myself how can people see the same things so differently? How can “Make America Great” be offensive to some people?

This conundrum of an altered world view is artfully depicted in the movie A Beautiful Mind. Russell Crowe portrays John Nash, a Princeton professor and Nobel laureate, who becomes schizophrenic and sees things vastly different than those in the sane world.

In a sermon series on politics, my minister recently asked, “How can we listen to each other?” It’s a good question and I think it can only be done when there is mutual respect. Early in his career, the now discredited Chris Matthews was aghast when his boss, Tip O’Neill, warmly received Ronald Reagan. Though their ideologies were fundamentally different, O’Neill explained to Matthews that Reagan was his friend. Respect is what is missing in our hyper-partisan culture. Pence respectfully disagreed with the condescending and contemptuous Kamala Harris during their debate. Like William F. Buckley, I see the world differently than my liberal friends, but I will make my case with facts; I will not hate or act like a jerk.

I have carefully listened to the progressive Democrat socialists and find their policies dangerous and destructive. And their hatred of President Trump is un-Christian and un-American. I will vote for policy and accomplishments, not personality. I will vote from reason, not hatred.

So, since voting has begun, I offer the reasons I plan to vote for President Trump:

  1. President Trump loves America, unabashedly and unequivocally.
  2. Joe Biden is controlled by revolutionaries who think America is      bad.
  3. Trump has kept his campaign promises including building the wall, which has stemmed the tide of illegal immigration.
  4. Trump orchestrated the most robust pre-Covid economy in decades, and, despite opposition from Democrats, his policies are leading to a post-Covid recovery.
  5. Prior to Covid, Trump’s policies produced the lowest unemployment in decades with historic employment for Blacks, Asians, Women and Latinos.
  6. Under President Trump America has become energy independent.
  7. Trump rebuilt the military which is necessary in a hostile world, and reformed the deplorable Veterans Administration with the VA Choice and VA Accountability Act.
  8. Trump organized Operation Warp Speed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an abject lie that his response was inadequate, delayed or not responsive to the science at that time and the dire predictions of the modelers.
  9. Trump destroyed the murderous ISIS Caliphate and killed its leader al-Baghdadi as well as the infamous Iranian general and terrorist, Soleimani.
  10. Trump brokered an elusive Middle East peace deal and another in the Balkans between Muslim Kosovo and Christian Serbia.
  11. Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. (Biden/Harris plan to raise taxes.)
  12. The President eliminated onerous government regulations, facilitating innovation and development.
  13. Trump made trade deals with South Korea, the European Union and Japan and brokered the USMCA. He withdrew America from the job-killing TPP deal.
  14. Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord which favored China by allowing them to continue polluting.
  15. Trump signed the Save Our Seas Act to remove plastic and garbage (China is a huge polluter) from the ocean, and also signed the biggest wildlife protection and conservation bill in a decade, designating 375,000 acres as protected land.
  16. The President’s Executive Order mandates that doctors and hospitals appraise patients of the cost of their services.
  17. He signed the Right To Try legislation for people with terminal illness and provided substantial additional funding to fight the opioid epidemic.
  18. Trump signed historic human anti-trafficking initiatives.
  19. The President signed the First Step Act legislation reforming criminal justice and sentencing that disenfranchised Blacks.
  20. Trump’s tax cut legislation included provisions for new opportunity Zone Incentives in impoverished neighborhoods.
  21. Trump signed legislation for school choice for kids to escape failing schools.
  22. Trump “persuaded” NATO members to pay their share of largely their own defense.
  23. Trump has put two judges on the Supreme Court and probably a third with Amy Coney Barrett to replace RBG. And he has appointed 300 appellate judges.
  24. Finally, Trump opposes the Green New Deal, reparations, abolishing the Electoral College, anarchists and Democrat-socialists. So, do I.

I could go on, but you get the point. These accomplishments and positions are easily verified on Internet searches, and unfortunately largely ignored by the media. All this despite unprecedented, profane, and defamatory attacks by Hollywood, academia, the Deep State, Intelligence agencies, the media, Democrats and ruling class elites because he challenges the corrupt establishment. Even now the tech lords of Silicon Valley are suppressing the New York Post revelations of the corrupt Hunter Biden and Joe’s family business. The media is likewise suppressing the Great Barrington Declaration of doctors and scientists proclaiming lockdowns are harmful. Even the World Health Organization now has the same opinion.

What are Joe Biden’s accomplishments in forty-seven years in Washington? Well, he has extended his wealth and that of his family. It actually looks worse than Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play racket. By comparison, Trump, who donates his Presidential salary, has lost a fortune serving America as President.

I don’t know what will happen in November. I do know that the current polls are designed to shape opinion rather than report people’s attitudes. I’m opposed to the unknown puppeteers of Joe Biden. And we should all be afraid of Kamala Harris.

It appears we are heading for a record turnout if early voting in Knoxville is any clue. The pundits believe this is a turnout election which will hinge more on feeling than policy. Will we choose the Democrat’s revolution or will we choose American prosperity?