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By Steve Hunley

The question of whether or not America should take in 10,000 Syrian refugees has caught fire with, at last count, 31 governors telling Washington their states don’t want to accept any further refugees.  Considering the recent deliberate slaughter of innocents in Paris, we already have knee jerk reactions from both the far left and the far right.  Liberals scream that America is the land of liberty and decency and we should take in people who are suffering in their own native lands.  The far right dithered momentarily, pondering whether we should exclude merely Muslims and admit Christians.  Does it seem crazy to people in the middle to stop the flow of Syrian refugees to this country?  I don’t think so.

One thing noticeably absent in the collective thinking of the far left is the notion there is NO threat to the security and well being of the United States except for the far right.  The ultra liberals tell us we should be understanding and sensitive to the culture of others, which is true…up to a point.  Not every Muslim in the world wants to wage war or declare jihad against the United States, but there are a significant number of Muslim extremists who do.  The leftists, while cooing we need to be sensitive and understanding of the culture of others seem completely oblivious to the notion that the extremist Muslims who represent a genuine terrorist threat to the United States utterly hate the culture of America.  I’m not talking about the culture of Confederate flags, NASCAR, and rednecks which the left loathes as much as anyone.  The extremist Muslims loathe the American culture that would allow women to have rights, gay people to marry, and for women to have abortions.  The extremist Muslims hate our artistic culture as well: our music, our movies, our TV shows and cultural liberalism in its totality.  These extremists believe we are a bankrupt, decadent, thoroughly immoral society – – – a belief some of the far right just happen to share.  New flash to the liberals: these people don’t want to hold hands with you, share feelings, or take a walk to the organic grocery store with you.  They want your disembodied head on a stick in the dirt.

Now some of the leftists would have you believe it’s only the “wingnut” Republicans who want to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into this country.  That simply isn’t true.  The notion of putting some sort of political correctness ahead of the safety of American citizens is just plain stupid.

I heard on the radio the other day a moderator discussing this issue who brought up the point of taking the war to the terrorists – – – who deliberately hide in places thick with women and children, essentially counting on basic American decency to keep them safe – – – what about the harm that would come to the women and children?  Had that been the primary concern of the Allies fighting against Adolf Hitler and Japan during World War II, God knows how much longer it would have lasted and how many more American lives would have been lost.  The war was prosecuted ruthlessly and obviously a great many citizens perished.  We also ought to consider the terrorists are not targeting military installations; the targets are always places filled with ordinary men, women, and children.  What better way to strike terror in the hearts and minds of folks than killing friends, neighbors and family members at the theater, a restaurant, or some other place nobody would ever think he or she wasn’t safe?  These folks not only don’t give a hoot in hell about killing American women and children, but are eager to kill as many Americans as they possibly can.

Of course there is an element in this country who always blames America for any harm that comes to the United States.  We brought on ourselves or we deserved it.  The only empathy they have are for those they perceive to be disadvantaged, downtrodden, and helpless.  Those people ought to cash their last government check and move overseas to the country of their choice and see how they like it.

We’re probably better off with the best possible screening process we can invent and take in those people we can, but this problem requires some serious thought and all of us need to keep in mind, the threat is real and as serious as a heart attack.