By Dr. Jim Ferguson

You would have to be proverbially brain dead to be unaware of the state of affairs in America. Political animus, the COVID-19 pandemic, a damaged economy with destroyed livelihoods, the left’s hatred of the President and America, Chinese communism on the move, race riots and lawlessness read like Bill Murray’s intro in the movie Scrooged and are daunting challenges for our country. However, as I see videos of the zombie-like people of CHAZ/CHOP, I realize many are clueless and there is little I can do for these confused souls other than prayer and prevent them from hurting others. Unfortunately, engaged citizens are again on the defensive, and that is a poor game plan.

As an internist I deal with illness, diagnosis and treatment. I often understand “how?” something developed. But I admit that I am challenged “why?” our country is in such a mess. It’s certainly possible Forrest Gump is right and [stuff] just happens or that things are so complex we merely scratch at the surface of understanding, searching for the root cause of our sickness.

The process of scientific reductionism takes a complex issue apart and attempts to understand the various components with the belief that if these are understood then we will be able to understand the complex whole. Medicine approaches the “fearfully and wonderfully made” (human being) in this fashion. But I argue that we are more than the sum of our parts and science can only take us so far.

I can comprehend the COVID-19 pandemic where a virus escaped from Chinese laboratory control. I can even understand the actions of the Chinese communist government utilizing the CYB clause (cover your booty). America’s early COVID response was logical and based on models, expert opinion and illness observed in other countries like Italy. And it was logical to guard against the collapse of America’s healthcare system from the epidemic. But the models and experts were wrong and the mission then changed. What was initially a policy of sheltering in place for several weeks to “bend the curve” and protect the healthcare system from collapse has now morphed into preventing infection and death. We are in the fourth month of shutdown, with a damaged economy, our freedoms under assault, wearing masks of fear and hoping for a miracle vaccine or medication.

Though I am at higher risk of COVID-19 complications because of my age and prior cancer, I refuse to cower in fear. I will continue social distancing and careful hygiene, but I refuse to remain locked up. Actually, I am more fearful of the lawlessness mob (see last week’s essay) and the radical BLM (black lives matter) movement than COVID-19. What kind of America demands that I denounce “Blue lives matter” or “All lives matter” and take a knee to the newest tyranny of BLM? Just as the pandemic mission changed, justice for George Floyd has been hijacked by radical leftists who use the mob as a cudgel to control politicians, corporations and Americans.

At the risk of the mob being turned upon me, you should understand what the BLM movement espouses. Their demands include reparations, “community control of laws, institutions and policies” (defund the police), “radical transformation” of America rather than reform, “disruption of nuclear families and replacement with extended families and villages,” globalism rather than nationalism with defined borders, “decriminalization of drugs” and dismissal of all drug, youth and sex-worker related offenses,  “protection and respect for those who violate property during protests” and  “economic justice” through socialistic “community ownership.”

How and why has BLM become the tail that wags the dog? I find it very distasteful to speak of race and demographics, but since the Democrat party, leftists and BLM sees everything through the lens of color, black people comprise 13% of the American population whereas Caucasians total 76%. Even if others of color are glommed onto BLM, the movement comprises a minority of the population. No segment of America is uniform. Other elements of our population are strangely sympathetic to the BLM cultural revolution, especially millennials. Perhaps they do not understand what they are supporting and merely virtue signaling.

Though there are individual racists, I reject the notion that America is systemically racist. The NYT’s 1619 project is dishonest. Though racism has existed through all of recorded history, America, like other civilized countries, has renounced this perspective. We fought a bloody Civil War and proclaimed the Emancipation Proclamation. We then amended the Constitution abolishing slavery with the 13th Amendment and followed with the 15th Amendment guaranteeing all citizens the right to vote. (It would take the 19th Amendment to extend suffrage to women.) The Supreme Court ended racial segregation in schools (Brown vs. Board of Education). Civil Rights Acts were passed by Congress in 1957 and 1964, and Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson used Federal troops to uphold the law and America’s will.

Personally, I don’t know a racist. I judge a person by their actions not by their skin color. Apparently, there are those who believe that skin color defines a person, justifies the assignment of victim status and entitles someone to unearned money and benefits.

It is undeniable that large American urban areas run by Democrats are hotbeds of poverty, crime and failed policies. Enabling people to be self-sufficient and to succeed is not conducive to control. Historically, Democrats were the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK. The record shows that the Democrats have not liberated impoverished people and now have shifted their focus to the importation of a new class of impoverished Hispanic peoples who hope that Democrats will give them a hand up. They will not.

I theorize that Democrats cultivating Hispanics and the assumption that black people will always vote Democrat is the genesis of the BLM movement. I believe the movement has concluded that Democrats are not their friends and have decided to use the George Floyd murder as an opportunity to promote their revolution.

It is time to step up and push back against the radicals, the Democrat leadership, the utterly dishonest media, elitist academia, Washington deep state and vacuous Holly-weirds. Trump was elected to push back and “make America great again.” This is a revolution I can support and so should you.