By John J. Duncan Jr.

George Will, the longtime conservative columnist, once wrote the neo-conservatives were “magnificently misnamed” and were really the “most radical people in this city,” meaning Washington.

The most “magnificently misnamed” people today are the so-called “progressives.”

The people who now call themselves “progressives” are those who more honestly and accurately should be called liberals, radicals, socialists, leftists, or left-wing extremists.

However, they figured out sometime ago that those labels were politically disastrous, so they latched on to the very false description as progressives.

Actually, if Democrats win the two Senate run-offs in Georgia, and we end up following this false “progressive” agenda, we will have less progress than probably any time since the Great Depression or at least since the last big recession.

Countries make the most progress and have the highest standards of living when they follow free market, free enterprise, capitalist, small government agendas.

It has been proven time and time again, all over this world, that socialism is bad for everyone except the elitists who control the government.

The only thing big government socialism is good at is in wiping out the middle class.

A small federal government, where most money remains in the private sector, means very few at the top, very few at the bottom, and a huge middle class like the U.S. of the 1950s and 60s.

It is frustrating that we have so many low-information voters who do not realize that every city and state in this country, and every country around the world, that has had liberal, left-wing leadership over the last 40 or 50 years is in terrible economic shape and social trouble.

People are moving out of the high tax states in this country about as fast as they can get out.

Several years ago, the Congress voted to send $250 million extra monies to Flint, Michigan to fix their water infrastructure.  The city has lost about half its population since the 1970s and did not have enough money to take care of its water system.

I pointed out in a speech on the House floor that the low-tax states where the economy was strong, like Tennessee, were being called on to bail out high-tax states like Michigan.

Today, the same thing is happening again.  The holier-than-thou, pious, blue state mayors and governors who felt so proud of themselves when they shutdown their economies, are now calling on the low tax cities and states, the so-called red states, to bail them out financially.

The people of Georgia should be told that if they elect two more left-wing radicals to the Senate and give almost total control to the Biden administration, they will be sending most of their tax money to California and New York and poorly-run big cities around the country.

One of the Democratic nominees for the Senate in Georgia, Jon Ossoff, is clearly a very arrogant elitist.  The other Democratic nominee, Raphael Warnock, is apparently a hate-filled minister.  We don’t need either one in our nation’s capitol.