By Dr. Harold A. Black

Nikki Haley is trying to beat Kamala Harris to become the first Asian-American president. She had better hope that Biden lives out his term.


“Elite” college campuses are not the only places inhibited by the pro-Hamas crowd. It seems that the “progressives” in Washington government jobs have been infected as well. Did you see where 17 Biden campaign staffers anonymously wrote a letter opposing his stand on the Israeli-Hamas war? The staffers called for an immediate ceasefire and an end to military aid to Israel. Obviously, this is a bunch of cowards or else they would have penned their names to the letter and they should resign or be fired. The chief of staff to the controller at the Pentagon also called for a ceasefire. The Wall Street Journal reports that 500 appointees and staff from 40 agencies, including the National Security Council and the Justice Department, have sent Biden a letter demanding a cease-fire and “de-escalation” between Israel and Hamas. Also, more than 1,000 employees at the U.S. Agency for International Development have signed a similar letter. Members of the State Department also objected to the administration’s policies. Then there were the gutless congressional staffers on the Capitol steps wearing masks to express their displeasure. One minor official in the Department of Education did resign over the administration’s stance in the war as did one in the Department of Education. All the rest should do the same.

Is it just me? I am tired of every article on race, DEI, and Critical Race Theory saying “after the killing of George Floyd.” I bet if young people were asked who is the most prominent black person in American history, they would answer George Floyd.


This year’s college football playoffs featured two teams from the Big Ten (Michigan and Washington) and two from the SEC (Alabama and Texas). I have no doubt that Washington and Oregon will continue to thrive in the Big “10” but have my doubts about USC and UCLA. But it will be interesting to see how Texas and Oklahoma will fare with an SEC schedule.


Claudine Gay, forced out as Harvard’s president, says that her ouster was due to racism and was an attack on the “pillars of American society”. She refuses to acknowledge the obvious – that her elevation to Harvard’s presidency was due to her race, gender and progressivism. As to the attack on the “pillars of American society,” she is referring to the education establishment. Yet given the rot at the core of American education as evidenced by the student pro-Hamas protests, abuse of DEI, Critical Race Theory and LGBTQ indoctrination, it needs to be attacked. She obviously is not going quietly but her whining is tiresome.

Predictably, the “everything is racist” crowd of grifters said that her resignation was because of her race when her rapid rise to become Harvard’s president was due to her race. A white male with the same resume would never even get an interview.


When did we get the mandate to call illegal immigrants illegal? Now they are just “migrants.”


Post George Floyd, the Oracle Who Names Stuff dictated that we now capitalize “black” but not “white.” The rebels out there responded by starting to capitalize “white.” Obviously, a bunch of racists. Me? I refuse to capitalize either unless it’s my name.


A climate scientist (Willie Soon) has confirmed what I have been saying for years that climate change is due to the sun’s axial tilt and not from carbon dioxide. I have said that we got global warming when the ice age ended and there were no automobiles or weed eaters then.

I’ve also said that if the fossil fuel energy companies had put the first wind turbines the Save the World crowd would have wanted them banned given how many migratory birds were being killed.  Now the wind farm contractors are admitting that the sea-based turbines are killing all the whales and dolphins that are dying in their vicinity. Yet not a peep from the green crusaders.


If systemic racism is due to the government, I might be in favor of reparations. More on that later.