Random thoughts on EVs

By Dr. Harold A. Black



Why are most EVs so ugly?

Have you seen the new KIA EV SUV? It dethrones the Mustang and Tesla as the ugliest SUV. As much as I love Porsches, their EV is really ugly. Its awful paint job reminds me of Pepto Bismol.

Those in the EV camp are crowing that the new agreement to have additional manufacturers given access to Tesla’s charging network solves the problem of range anxiety. It does not. Charging networks do not address the problem of limited range. Until that is addressed, EVs will be no more than second car commuting vehicles. Also, the bigger the EV, the lower the range, the heavier the batteries and the greater the negative impact on the environment.

World governments’ all-in EV strategies are increasingly stupid. Outlawing the sale of gas/diesel engines before charging networks are online before the energy grid can handle the increased demands while severely damaging the environment in the name of saving the planet only makes sense if you follow the money.

Lithium batteries explode and the fire is difficult to extinguish. The mandating of EVs has ignored the problem of rare earth materials in the batteries. China is seeking to dominate the market while the Biden administration is denying permits for mines in the US. How much money did Hunter get from the Chinese?

The innovation in battery technology is the use of sodium rather than lithium. They solve range anxiety with ranges in excess of 600 miles. They solve the rare earth problem by being readily accessible and cheap.

I have a close friend who has bought into the “climate change is our greatest existential threat” dogma. But he drives a gas-powered Mercedes convertible that he loves and will never buy a Tesla because he dislikes Elon Musk intensely.

I have nothing against EVs. I welcome diversity to the marketplace and the expansion of choice to consumers. I just want change to be market-driven rather than being forced down the throat of consumers by the zealots who occupy power in governments, banks, and investment firms.

I admire Elon Musk for his determination to make a successful product. I have a friend who has an Audi EV. He crows about its performance. It is as fast as a Porsche turbo. I just hope he doesn’t go 0-60 in 3.5 seconds down Kingston Pike.

I wonder why Tesla drivers don’t flick their lights since they all belong to the same cult.

EVs lose about 30% of their range in cold winter climates and in extreme heat. So don’t buy one if you live in Minnesota or Arizona.

There was an incongruous headline saying that Ford was cutting the price of its “popular” EV truck by $10,000. If the truck were popular then Ford would be raising the price not lowering it.

EV trucks are a vanity item. They cannot tow or haul without losing significant range.

The first cybertruck from Tesla has just been produced. It is plagued with the same manufacturing problems that characterize Tesla, namely ill-fitting panels. Teslas are rightly lauded for their innovative technology so why can’t they fix their manufacturing issues?

What if we refuse to buy EVs even if the governments ban diesel and gas engines? I predict a huge growth in the used car market as consumers rebel against the dictates of the misguided left.

I am wondering how much of these harmful regulations can be reversed by another administration? Much like Biden repealed almost anything associated with Trump during the first days of his tenure, a less zealous administration can be expected to stop the green mandates once it is in office.

I still can’t figure out why the UAW funds Democrats who are intent on destroying so many jobs in the automobile industry. Can they possibly be that stupid?