By Dr. Jim Ferguson

It is apparent that facts are irrelevant to the Trump hatred bunch whose nom de guerre is “the resistance,” but whose calling card is the F-bomb. Actually, the resistance is a euphemism for what has become unhinged depravity. The bile that exudes from mainstream media, Democrat progressives, Holly-weirds and Twitter anarchists is irrational, non factual, seditious and disturbed. Freedom of speech has consequences, and when some imbalanced person is inevitably driven to violence, those who are inciting assault and riots will be held accountable. There is a new sheriff in town.

The latest media generated crisis is the 12,000 illegal kids detained on the border. This brouhaha has arisen to obscure FBI maleficence, the injustice of the Justice Department and the innumerable Hillary Clinton scandals. In 1997 the Supreme Court held, in the case of (Janet) Reno vs. Flores, that illegal immigrant children must be released after twenty days even if their parents remained in custody. This Federal Law was written to discourage illegal foreign invasion. Previously, the law had not been enforced. However, there is a new sheriff in town.

As stated by Secretary Neilson, 10,000 of these children have no identifiable parents with them. Thousands of desperate children were sent alone on a dangerous journey from Central America and across Mexico. They were instructed to sneak across the US border and claim asylum. Federal law says that asylum is sought only at defined points of entry, not by walking across the desert or swimming the Rio Grande illegally.

I have no doubt that times are tough in third world countries. I have led a half dozen medical mission trips in Central America and Guatemala. I have seen abject poverty and violence. Hippocrates once said that desperate illness sometimes requires desperate measures. And I can imagine that a desperate parent might send their child in harm’s way as their only chance. However, imagine a lifeboat filled to a capacity of twenty. Swimming in the shark filled waters are hundreds of other survivors who clamor to get into the boat. Should the twenty pull the hundreds aboard knowing that the lifeboat will sink and all will perish?

The lifeboat of freedom is the United States of America. The problem is our elitist leaders who are not affected by the laws they make. The reason our leaders do not fix illegal immigration is because progressives, who call themselves Democrats, just want a new underclass of dependents and voters (illegal immigrants). And the so-called Republicans and Chamber of Commerce boys just want cheap labor. It is the rest of us who will suffer when the lifeboat is overwhelmed, our laws broken and the ship sinks. The Ruling Class, the rich and the powerful will not suffer – at least initially. And these “wizards of smart” are never wrong; are they?

The Department of Human Services is a government agency often called upon to take kids at risk away from dysfunctional parents. The kids are then placed in a protected environment. How is this crisis different than the detention? Many of the detained children’s parents are in Central America. When illegal immigrant children are caught by our border patrol they are put in shelters, fed, clothed and given medical care at a cost of $35,000 a year for each child. I can assure you they are safer in US custody than in the desperate conditions of some Central American countries or being prayed upon by traffickers and “coyotes” posing as guardians and parents.

I have a radical solution. There are five hundred and thirty-five members of Congress. If each member of Congress, responsible for the Federal Immigration laws, and the President adopt/sponsor a dozen detained kids the problem would be solved. These Beltway boys and gals have plenty and the White House has lots of rooms. No, wait; history shows that illegals increase with bad laws and lax policy. Even if all of Washington’s federal workers took a baker’s dozen of illegals, they would soon be swamped by subsequent waves of desperate people. As I was listening to the rhetoric and considering what would Jesus do, I recalled the movie Doctor Zhivago. After the Bolshevik revolution, Zhivago’s family was forced to surrender their home to dozens of needy “comrades.” Are you personally willing to house illegals?

As I complete this essay, President Trump has agreed to the demands of the media mob, spineless RINOs and progressive-liberal-Democrats of the so-called resistance. Trump’s Executive Order says that “Families” will no longer be separated as their asylum cases are processed. But, the Democrats soon figured out that Trump will not return to Obama’s policy of “catch and release,” where illegals are given a court date and released into America. Is it surprising that most illegals never showed in court and simply disappeared? Now, the Democrats are crying foul and will undoubtedly sue Trump over his questionable Executive Order which violates the SCOTUS ruling on Reno-Flores. It is obvious the Democrat chorus was never about families; it was about subverting the rule of law and admitting waves of new dependent Democrat voters.

The absurdity of our world astounds me. Airlines now have rules preventing spiders, possums and peacocks as “emotional support animals” on planes. A worker in Trump’s DOJ (Department of Justice) accosts the Homeland Security Secretary in a restaurant, violating her rights, and the self described socialist is celebrated. A Democrat intern curses the President with the F bomb. Peter Fonda threatens the President’s son in the vialist manner and nothing is done. Daily, Trump and Sarah Sanders face dangerous gangs of the press corps, and unhinged talking heads on CNN call them Nazis.

Perhaps a friend of mine is right. She says we should stop watching the news which is nothing but propaganda. I agree; it sours the soul.

Jesus did not fix the Roman Empire 2000 years ago or stop its abuses. The United States cannot fix the world’s problems, but we can apply the starfish philosophy. After a storm a man was walking the beach and saw thousands of starfish washed ashore. He was puzzled to see a boy casting starfish after starfish back into the ocean. The man told the boy he could not possibly make a difference, but the boy explained, as he threw another starfish back into the ocean, “I made a difference with that one.”

We can help others and the world, but only if our country survives.