Red States Are Growing, Blue States Are In Decline

By John J. Duncan Jr.

After the mid-term elections, Republicans were disappointed. Democrats were relieved. Neither should have been.

When everything was said and done, with very few exceptions, the red states became redder, and the blue states bluer. Both parties have problems, but I would rather have ours than theirs.

The morning after a political unknown with very little money lost to the Democrat governor of New Jersey by less than two percent, one of the liberals on Morning Joe said the Democrats were going to “have to find a way to become less elitist.”

They have not done so. Another liberal, Ruy Teixeira, wrote in the Atlantic Magazine (certainly not a conservative publication) an article entitled “Democrats’ Long Goodbye To The Working Class”: “As we move into the endgame of the 2022 election, the Democrats face a familiar problem. America’s historical party of the working class keeps losing working-class support. And not just among white voters. Not only has the emerging Democratic majority I (Teixeira) once predicted failed to materialize, but many of the non-white voters who were supposed to deliver it are instead voting for Republicans.”

Teixeira added that the issues the Democrats ran on like abortion, gun control, and threats to democracy (a non-existent, imaginary threat) had “much less appeal to working-class voters. They are instead focused on the economy, inflation and crime, and they are skeptical of the Democratic Party’s performance in all three realms.”

Second, the Democrats have become a racist party. It was clearly racist for Joe Biden to say he would consider only “a woman of color” as his running mate, immediately excluding all white women. It was racist for President Biden to consider only black women for the Supreme Court, immediately excluding all white women.

The Democrats have become far too dependent on black voters. Very few blacks are elitists. I believe they are already starting to peel off from the Democrats as they find wealthy liberal elitists less and less appealing.

And racism, whether by or for whites or blacks, is not a good base or foundation on which any political party can grow and expand on in the future.

Third, the blue states, where Democrats are strongest, are rapidly losing population. This does not bode well for their party. Middle-income people are fleeing the high tax, high crime Democrat cities and states, and they are voting Republican.

This will make it tougher for a while for Republicans in the blue states, but it will eventually lead to more congressional seats in the red states and fewer in the blue states. In the 1950s, New York had 43 seats in the U.S. House, now it has 26. Most other blue states have lost House seats, too.

For a glimpse of the political future, look at Florida, where the Republican governor won a landslide re-election. In the 1950s, Florida had eight seats in the U.S. House, now they will have 28, and 20 are Republican.

Fourth, the Democratic Party leadership is too old. President Biden will turn 80 on Nov. 20. The Democrats’ top three leaders in the House are Nancy Pelosi, 82, Steny Hoyer, 83, and Jim Clyburn, 82. Their leaders in the U.S. Senate are Chuck Schumer, who will be 72 on Nov. 23, and Dick Durbin, who will turn 78 on Nov. 21.

Republicans have problems with blacks, big business, and major universities, and much work is needed on all three. But, we are making progress.

Democrats can go to black churches only on the Sunday before the election and still get their votes. Republicans need to go into the black communities the Sunday after the election and go back often. Every black vote for a Republican counts double in a way – one less against, one more in favor.

Republicans lost the money race this year in a big way. One report said Sen. Marco Rubio had $25 million less than his opponent, and this was true all over the nation.

It is not anti-Semitic to say that a big majority of Democrat contributions came from very wealthy Jewish businessmen like Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, and many others. Republicans need to work more with the Jewish community.

Our universities have been filled with leftist professors who are turning out leftist graduates. Conservative speakers and students are being treated very rudely or even very harshly on college campuses, and conservative professors are not being hired or promoted in most universities.

Conservatives should stop making contributions to colleges and universities that are so biased, even hostile, toward conservative beliefs and that have become leftist brainwashing factories.

This mid-term was close overall, but if the Democrats continue to be so elitist and racist, the future is bright for Republicans.