Becky Turner Calfee

By Ralphine Major

My brother and I were looking for somewhere special in the community to film a television interview.  Channel 10 in Knoxville had called Jan-Carol Publishing to schedule an interview with us when our first children’s book was published.  We knew just the place!  The Hen House At Calfee Farms!  A few months earlier, Becky Calfee had called me to come for their Grand Opening during the 2014 Christmas season.  Focus readers may recall “The Amazing Hen House” in my column on 1-11-2015.

On short notice, I called.  Becky and her husband, Ron, were out of town on vacation; so I talked to Matthew, their son.  In no time, Becky called me.  According to her, they were coming home a day early anyway.  It was all set.  Upon our arrival, The Hen House looked picturesque and inviting with lovely flowers lining the walkway.  Unbeknownst to us, Ron and Becky had gone to buy the flowers at 5:30 that morning, came home, and planted them!  Inside, the big room was homey.  Antiques were hanging from the ceiling and on the walls.  An assortment of handmade crafts and unique gifts filled the racks and counters.    The area designated for biscuit making, basket weaving, and canning was beautifully arranged to accommodate our interview.  It was obvious the Calfees had done a great deal of work, much more than we had expected.  Becky even had fresh-baked cookies for all of us, including the WBIR Live at Five at Four filming crew.  When our interview was finished, the crew went outside to film the goats and Carl the llama to air a feature on Calfee Farms later.  (To be continued)