By Rosie Moore

Mother’s Day is over but it behooves the sons and daughters to remember to love, honor, and respect our mothers every day of the year.

Mother and Daughter banquets were held in churches across the country a few days before Mother’s Day. Halls Crossroads Presbyterian Church, which I attend, had “Western Roundup” theme this year, complete with a “Cowboy” cookout, which was delightful and filling. We were also entertained by the “WE” Group which consists of a married duo, Diane and Wayne Crabb.

Among the presentations was a beautiful poem written by one of our church members, Betty Watson, read by Julie Brown, another church member.

“I wish I could find some words

Some fitting verse or line,

Or a lovely song, so endearing and sweet,

Maybe a noble thought or rhyme,

To show my love and gratitude unto you, Mother dear,

A loving tribute I would bring

To fill your heart with cheer.

If I could I’d give you diamonds for each tear you cried for me,

If I could give you sapphires for each truth you helped me see,

If I could give you rubies and emeralds for each heartache you’ve known,

And for the wisdom you have shown,

Then, Mother, what a treasure you will have,

It will reach up to the skies and match the sparkle in your loving eyes.”

Betty was unable to attend our banquet, but we are thankful for the beautiful verses she gave us. She is a native of Fountain City and has worn many hats,– nurse, wife, mother, grandmother, Bible Study leader and sometime poet, which she writes as a hobby, to be enjoyed by family and friends.

Thought for the day: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

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