By Ralphine Major

It is a fascinating plant to watch.  The beautiful white petals with deep-red markings open up wide in the morning as if to greet a new day.  A bush with only a single Rose of Sharon flower may be covered with blooms by day’s end.  But after they make their appearance, the flowers know just when to close up and rest for the night.  It is amazing to see the transformation of the spindly branches of winter with no life, no color, and no beauty turn into nature’s work of art.

The Rose of Sharon flowers are much like our lives.  We wake up in the morning to meet the day as we go about our work and activities.  Then, we bid the world good night.  While trying to get the perfect picture of the amazing Rose of Sharon, I happened by just in time to capture a bee in the middle of the bloom.

As summer approaches, take a moment of each day to look at all the beauty summer brings us from the mighty hands of our Creator.  Even if only to observe a single flower, enjoy the beauty it brings.

Happy Summer!