By Rosie Moore

Due to a lovely summer of gentle rains and abundant sunshine, the veggies in our gardens have grown beyond  our expectations. Corn, summer squash, peppers, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini–you name it, there is plenty to go around. Plenty to can, freeze, give to neighbors and friends, yes, there are plenty to go around.

I’m always on the lookout for exotic new recipes and I was glad to find quite a few in Kroger’s newsletters they send every month. Let me share with you a garden fresh flavor made for summer:



1-1/4 lbs yellow squash and zucchini, sliced diagonally into 1/2 inch thick ovals

2 tsp. plus 1/4 tsp kosher salt

1 c. packed fresh basil leaves

1/4 c. plus 2 tab. extra virgin live oil

2 tab. Parmesan grated cheese

1 clove garlic

1/4 c. pine nuts, plus extra for garnish

Balsamic glaze, for garnish

Fire up your grill to high heat. In a colander, toss the squash and zucchini with 2 tsps. salt, drain for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, process 1/4 tsp. salt, basil, 1/4 c. olive oil,, cheese, garlic and pine nuts in a blender or food processor until smooth. Toss the squash and zucchini with 2 tabs. olive oil. Grill for 2-4 minutes per side, or until golden brown and tender. Serve with pesto, a drizzle of balsamic glaze and a sprinkling of pine nuts. Refrigerate any leftovers.

Balsamic glaze: mix in saucepan 2 c. balsamic vinegar, 1/2 c. brown sugar. Bring to boil, then lower heat and simmer for 20 minutes, until it sticks to back of spoon. Put in jar with lid, refrigerate.

And my favorite is chicken corn soup, which is not well-known here in the South but a favorite up North. It’s tasty and you’ll love it.

In a medium pot, cut up 1-1/2 lbs. chicken, 1 small onion, 1/2 c. celery, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, five ears of fresh corn (remove corn from cobs). Cook all together about 2 hours until chicken is very tender. Enjoy.

Thought for the day: People who love to eat are always the best people.    Julia child

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