By Rosie Moore

Fall has finally arrived, as denoted by the colder weather, and the falling leaves. Which brings to my mind those people who have no homes, people with no beds, no comfortable quilts, no warm clothing. They are called the homeless, of which there is a scourge of them in the world, and many here in Knoxville. Do we look upward with envy to those who have more than us? Or do we look downward with compassion at those who are less fortunate and stoop to give them a hand?

Here’s a little story I wish to share written by Vicki Easterly in my little book, “The Upper Room”, “where the world meets to pray.”

On my way to work, I sometimes saw a homeless man sitting in a wheelchair on the corner, but I always passed him by. I would say, ‘good morning’ but never asked, ‘how are you?’ I often wondered if the wheelchair was necessary or just a prop. Then one cold, rainy night, my teenage son, Chad, asked me for some hot chocolate “to go.” He then asked if he could take an extra blanket. “Of course,’ I said. He said, “thanks, Mom” and went out the door.

The next morning I trudged off down the street to work. On the corner sat the homeless man. But now his lap was covered with the blanket Chad had taken the night before.

On the gravel near him was the hot chocolate mug rolling with the wind. I thought how i would do anything for my children, yet I had ignored the needs of this child of God.

These paragraphs are a fine example of the thoughtlessness we have when it comes to people who are less fortunate than we are. “There for the grace of God, go I”, comes to my mind. The homeless will always be with us. How they got there is none of our business, how to help them is our business. There are many organizations out there that do help these people but they can also use additional workers and helpers, especially during this time of the year. Thanksgiving is coming up.

What better way to show our thankfulness than by helping those who have nothing to be thankful for?

Thought for the day: Today I will see the strangers I meet as children of God.

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