By Rosie Moore

Autumn is here. The start of this lovely season entails football games, the gradual turning of  green leaves to brilliant hues, pumpkins, and much desired cooler weather. The smell of freshly mown grass still permeates our noses but it won’t be long until the mowers will be silent. I was very amused by Ken Schall’s five-minute discussion last Monday evening on Channel 10 when he asked people if they liked Autumn. Many said it was their favorite season but quite a few said they hated it because it was a harbinger of winter. As everyone knows, I don’t think there is much of a winter here in Tennessee but a lot of people think a couple of two-inch snowfalls and thirty-degree temps constitute a “winter” here.

Beside the regular holidays that are celebrated during Autumn, I came across some that I never knew existed.

In September we have:

Classical music month

Fall hat month

Little League month

Self-improvement month   and

Better Breakfast month, to name a few.  Then we have “wacky days”. such as:

Read a book day –  6th

Chocolate milk shake day – 12th

National cream-filled doughnut day – 14th

And, Grandparent’s day (which is not wacky at all.) – 7th.

In October we have:

Apple Jack month

Breast cancer awareness month

Eat country ham month and also Pizza month.

Wacky days:

National golf day – 4th

World Teacher’s day –  5th

Fire Prevention day -9th    and

National Angel Food Cake day. -10th.

November includes:

Peanut butter lover’s month

National Epilepsy month

Child Safety Protection month

National novel writing month and

Aviation History month.  Wacky days are:

Deviled egg day – 2nd.

Housewife’s day -3rd.

Sandwich day  -3rd. and

Take a hike day. -17th

Of course I was unable to list all these wacky days and Autumn months but just pick a day and celebrate it for whatever reason and enjoy a bountiful Autumn.

Thought for the day: Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living, the other helps you make a life. Sandra Carey, author

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