Two days without TV and I survived!! Let me start out by saying I decided to “bundle” up my phone, internet, and TV services. I had my phone and internet with one server and my TV with another server. I learned that it would be cheaper to have all three by one server. But I made a little mistake (only because I’m new at this) and I had my TV disconnected before my new connection could be connected, so to speak, which is why I was without TV – FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS!

The first thing I did was turn on the radio. Thank goodness, radios are still around. I did that because sounds of music and voices brought back reminisces of family life many years ago. There were always sounds in those days, children going in and out, animals barking or cats meowing throughout the day, phones ringing, well, you catch my drift. Silence was appreciated back then, but, oh, not now! The first day I also suffered TV withdrawal. I automatically turned it on and it gave me a blank stare.

Then I started reading. I do a lot of reading but mostly at night in bed. Now I’m reading during the day also. And let me digress here. I am reading a book titled “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. A beautifully written book but rather morbid. I’m told it was made into a movie but it’s not the type of movie I would want to see.

It is easy to get bored when you’re not staring at that box so the tendency to eat is prevalent. Snacks are alright but be careful what you snack on. But who will eat an apple instead of Frito-Lays? Not many of us. And this is a good time to do little odd jobs that I’ve been putting off for a while.

No, I don’t sit on the couch and watch TV all day long. But I like it on when I do my daily chores. I hate reality shows and talk shows, so I don’t usually turn it on until 11 a.m. (The Price Is Right) and turn it off at 11 p.m. (after the Andy Griffith Show).

When my TV was connected I welcomed it back as an old friend. I settled down with a big bowl of fruit and picked up my knitting and enjoyed my favorite shows. Being without TV caused me to think: what did I do when I was young with no TV? I walked, read, played games (not video) and talked on the phone a lot. And our grandparents, what did they do? They were busy, busy, no time to sit and watch the TV. So, the next time the TV goes off due to a lack of electricity, don’t despair. There’re plenty of things to do, you just have to remember what they are.

Thought for the day: Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. Dave Gardener

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